Super Mario World XY is the third installment in the Super Mario World series, released 20 years after Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. XY, however, returns to the playstyle of the original Super Mario World, with similar enemies, moves and power-ups.


In Super Mario World XY there are two different storylines: one of Mario and the other of Luigi. Each storyline has 3 playable characters, 2 default and 1 secret.

Mario's story

Character Character description How to unlock
MarioSSBTD Mario is the hero of Mushroom Kingdom, who always saves Princess Peach from Bowser and other baddies, but this time all's well, so they decided to go on vacation. He is already unlocked
PeachSSBTD Peach is the noble princess of Mushroom Kingdom, who's job is to get kidnapped by villains for no apparent reason and be saved by brave plumbers. She is already unlocked
LinkSSBTD Link is the Mario of Hyrule, who tries to prevent Ganon obtain Princess Zelda and the Triforce. But now Ganon's dead, so he and Zelda moved over to this little house to enjoy a peaceful life. Complete 5-S: Link's House

Luigi's story

Character Character description How to unlock
LuigiSSBTD Luigi is the younger brother of Mario, who usually stays at home, while his sibling's out adventuring. This time, however he tagged along, but still missed all the action, as he fell asleep right when the adventure started. He is already unlocked
RosalinaSSBTD Rosalina is the princess of Lumas, who watches the Earth from the Star Road. After Luigi was left all alone, she came down to him and helped him return home. She is already unlocked
KirbySSBTD Kirby is the jolly puffball from Dreamland, whose favourite snacks always get stolen by King Dedede. Kirby got fed up with this and moved to this island, so he could enjoy his cake without staying alert for angry chickens. Complete 4-S: Kirby's House


Mario, Luigi and Peach decided to go on vacation to Dinosaur Land to relax and visit their old friend Yoshi. All stuff packed, they went to Peach's Castle, where the Toads have prepared a hot air balloon for them. They waved everyone farewell and set off to the tropical island.

Mario's story

Mario's story is basically the same as the original Super Mario World, but with different courses, bosses and objectives

After 2 days, the balloon safely landed on Yoshi's Island, right next to the green creature's house. Hoping to see Yoshi, the trio rushed towards the house, but when they entered, they saw Yoshi sitting on the floor. They asked: "What's happened?" and Yoshi answered: "Some freak with sunglasses kidnapped my girlfriend, Yoshene, and now I can't find her. But you're here, so maybe you'll help me out? Together, we can accomplish anything!". "Of course!" said Mario. When they were about to leave, Peach noticed, that Luigi is fast asleep on Yoshi's sofa. Having wondered for a while, they decided to leave him here until they return, as they were sure it their journey wouldn't take long. And so Mario, Yoshi and Peach set on their new adventure through Dinosaur Land.

Courses in italic are optional

Worlds World description Courses Course description Exits Bosses
1. Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Island, as its name implies, is the island, where Yoshis live. It's a peaceful place covered with green flourishing nature and a small pond, where the dinos fish. The Yoshi King's castle is on the northern edge. There's also a mountain on the west side with an ancient palace on top of it. Yoshi's House Yoshi's home. You can come here anytime to invite Yoshi to join you on your adventure. Also, there's always a Mushroom sitting on the table.
1-1: Western Forest Forest to the west of Yoshi's House. It's a simple course with lots of hint blocks to help you get started. PowerStarSMSJ YSP
Yellow Switch Palace Pressing the SMW Yellow Switch causes Yellow ! Block to become visible.
1-2: Eastern Forest Forest to the east of Yoshi's House. Another basic introductionary course. PowerStarSMSJ 1-3
1-3: Hillside Grove A valley beneath the hills with many spinning and moving platforms. PowerStarSMSJ 1-4
1-4: Cheep Cheep Pond A small pond with Cheep Cheeps. The Yoshis have built a bridge over it, so it would be easier to get to the castle. PowerStarSMSJ YC
Yoshi Castle The castle of the Yoshi King. There's usually lots of people here, but now it's suspiciously quiet. Boshi
After defeating Boshi, the blue dinosaur said: "Very well. I see you're a strong fighter and a worthy opponent, but don't you think I'll be releasing Yoshene any time soon. She's mine and she will be mine forever!" With these words the kidnapper left. "I guess we have to go on and catch that guy again and also find the Yoshi King," said Peach. And so it was done - the heroes continued onward to the beautiful Honey Valley.
Worlds World description Courses Course description Exits Bosses
2. Honey Valley Honey Valley, previously known as Donut Plains, is a large valley, which lies at the bottom of Vanilla Mountain. It's not as green as Yoshi's Island, but still there's a lot of different plants growing around. In the middle of the valley is a big lake, called the "O"-Lake because of its circular shape. Near the mountain stands the Vanilla Tower and you must ask the guard the permission to enter the inside of the moutain. 2-1: O-Pier PowerStarSMSJ 2-2
SpecialStarSMSJ 2-S
2-S: O-Lake PowerStarSMSJ 2-G
SpecialStarSMSJ 2-SG
2-SG: Boo's Hidden House PowerStarSMSJ 2-3
SpecialStarSMSJ SR
Star Road The first warp to Star World.
2-2: Honey Monty Cave PowerStarSMSJ 2-G
SpecialStarSMSJ GSP
Green Switch Palace Pressing the SMW Green Switch causes Green ! Block to become visible.
2-G: Big Ghost House PowerStarSMSJ 2-3
SpecialStarSMSJ TSA
Top Secret Area An empty area with 4 ? Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World containing secret power-ups. Each block is usable only once.
2-3: Mountainfoot Road PowerStarSMSJ 2-4
2-4: Vanilla Courtyard PowerStarSMSJ VT
Vanilla Tower SuperKeySMSJ Key to Vanilla Dome Reznor
Boshi Blockade Boshi's blocking the way into Vanilla Dome. You must beat him once again. Boshi

Luigi's story

Chronologically, Luigi's story takes place a year after Mario's story

Luigi woke up. He looked around and realised, that he doesn't know where he is. The plumber walked around the house and went outside. The house was standing in the middle of some unknown forest with berries growing on bushes and lying on the ground. The grass and leaves were brown and you could hear their sound, when the wind got stronger. Suddenly, he saw someone familiar coming over to him. It was Rosalina. When she got to Luigi, she said: "Mario and Peach have gone home long ago. This paradise land has been turned into a wasteland. You're all alone here, so you have to find a way to get off this island. But don't worry, I'll help you." And so Luigi and the star princess went searching for something, that could send Luigi back home.

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