Super Mario World VR
Super Mario World Placeholder Boxart
Developer(s) NextGen Games, inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo VR Logo
Release Date(s)
Spring 2011
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Media Included VR Disk

Super Mario World VR is a platformer video game being made by NextGen Games, inc. for their new system, Nintendo VR. Despite the name, it is not a part of Super Mario World. The game uses a standard VR Disk. It has 10 Worlds, 66 Stars (64 + 2 Super Secret), a wild group of items and power-ups, hard bosses, and a good story, all seen and controlled in virtual reality! This game uses the Power Star system in tandem with the Level Completion system to bring on a fresh new system of game progression.


Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth are vacationing in Dinosaur Land again. Instead of a hotel, they decided to stay at Yoshi's House. But, in the night, Peach gets kidnapped! Mario and Luigi wake up to the sound of Toadsworth's screaming and the Toad's panicking. Yoshi tells all his friends to hide so Bowser can't kidnap them. The Yoshis scatter across Dinosaur Land and even Bowser's Isle. Mario and Luigi, as Toadsworth shouted, go and "rescue the princess at ONCE!"

Worlds & Levels

World Level Difficulty Boss (if any)

Hickory-Smoked Island

The land burned by a Koopa Ariship is ready for you to tackle!

Staricon 1. Hickory Hills

Staricon 2. Smoky Mountain

Staricon 3. Lake Lilypad

Staricon 4. Cave of Vapor

Staricon 5. BOSS: Bowser Jr.'s Flagship

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Hills

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Cave

1/5 Bowser Jr.

Plain of Donuts

This world is filled with secrets and even a few ghosts!

Staricon 1. Parakoopa Path

Staricon 2. Haunted Hollow

Staricon 3. Ghost House 1

Staricon 4. Donut Dip

Staricon 5. Aviary Aeronautics

Staricon 6. BOSS: King Boo's PolterTank

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Path

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret in the House

1.5/5 King Boo

Dome of Vanilla Cream

Welcome to a cave that's overrun by Spinys, Red-Hot Goombas, Icy Koopas, and pipes!

Staricon 1. Enter the Dome

Staricon 2. Splash in the Pond

Staricon 3. Pipe Town

Staricon 4. Starry Stalagmites

Staricon 5. BOSS: Lemmy's Ball-Tastic Bounce House

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Dome

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Pipes

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Stalagmites

2/5 Lemmy Koopa

Choclate Chip Mountain

Climb up to the biggest mountain in Dinosaur Land! Lakitus, Paratroopas, it's all here!

Staricon 1. Chip Cliff

Staricon 2. Choclate Lake

Staricon 3. Climb the Chippy Wall

Staricon 4. Saw-Blade Swing

Staricon 5. BOSS: Whomp King's Fortress

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Cliff

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Wall

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Swing

3/5 Whomp King

Mirage Forest

Seeing things? The Mirage Forest will have you thinking twice about everything!

Staricon 1. Entrance or Exit?

Staricon 2. Halucinated Hallway

Staricon 3. Fake Falls

Staricon 4. Mirage Mountain

Staricon 5: BOSS: Iggy's Interesting Ion Cannon

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Exit

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Falls

3.5/5 Iggy Koopa

Chocolate Isle

Sweet? Tasty? Hazardous? If you guessed the third one, you're correct!

Staricon 1. Rocky Start

Staricon 2. Reznor Territory

Staricon 3. Bullet Bill Barracks

Staricon 4. Race to Black Mountain

Staricon 5. BOSS: Roy's Rock-Shredding Drill Tank

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Start

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Barracks

4/5 Roy Koopa

Bowser Jr.'s Shipwreck

Just off the coast of Bowser's Cave, Jr. crashed his ship! Will the Boos, Electro Guys, Eeries, and more stop Mario in his tracks?

Staricon 1. Swim to the Ship

Staricon 2. Ghastly Galley

Staricon 3. Death Deck

Staricon 4. Rough Seas Ahoy!

Staricon 5. BOSS: Wendy's Wicked Crow's Nest

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Swim

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Deck

4/5 Wendy O. Koopa

Bowser's Cave

It's hot, hot, hot!! Down in the path to Bowser Land, face off against some of the toughest enemies ever, as you head over to the Steam Vents for a battle with one of the smartest Koopalings!

Staricon 1. Damp Darkness

Staricon 2. Light-up Lake

Staricon 3. Firefly Flight

Staricon 4. Putrid Pipes

Staricon 5. BOSS: Ludwig's Steamy Symphony

GreenStarIcon SECRET: Secret of the Pipes

GreenStarIconGreenStarIcon SUPER SECRET (Must have all 64 Stars): Away in A Steamy Cave

4.5 Ludwig Von Koopa

Bowser Land

Bowser's Kingdom! Here is the final stretch, and its amazingly tough! Banzai Bills and Lakitus dot your every turn, and the Sledge Bros and Fire Bros. are the norm here as well.

Staricon 1. Fantastic Fire Bridge

Staricon 2. Scorching Stream

Staricon 3. Volcano Vortex

Staricon 4. Lava Lake

Staricon 5. Road to Death

Staricon 6. FINAL BOSS: Bowser's Castle

5/5 King Bowser Koopa


New Enemy Artwork



Chocolate Isle's level "Race to Black Mountain" has its name based off of the movie Race to Witch Mountain, although the level is not at all like the movie.

If you've read the Sixty Four Saga (Dk64rules (series) I, II, and SFA), you know that the 2nd part of Dk64rules (series) "Away in A Helpless Void" is where the super secret level "Away in A Steamy Cave" gets its name.