Super Mario World Ultra is an upcoming game by Icey Inc.. It has some new features and characters. It will be released in January 2, 2011.


This has similar gameplay to Super Mario World, except there are new controls and lots of worlds. The player can be taunted to another world. This is an NSMB-styled Super Mario World game with some hard controls, lots of characters and bosses, worlds, and some new characters to the Mario series.


Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth are taking a vacation at dinosaur island once again. They found red treetops. Suddenly then, a tree moves. It was Bowser! Bowser grabbed Toadsworth and Peach then hopped on back to his airship. Mario suddenly then joins Luigi, Blue Toad, Toad, and Toadette for more adventure. They travel up to a car.






Items & Power-Ups

  • Ice Mario (Ice Flower)
  • Fire Mario (Fire Flower)
  • Thunder Mario (Thunder Flower)
  • Super Mario (Super Mushroom)
  • Ultra Mario (Ultra Flower)
  • Metal Mario (Metal Flower)
  • Hammer Mario (Hammer Suit)
  • Flower Mario (Flower Mushroom)
  • Mega Mario (Mega Mushroom)
  • Water Mario (Water Mushroom)
  • Bowser Mario (Bowser Mushroom)
  • 1-Up Mushroom (Gives Mario an extra life)
  • 1-Down Mushroom (Mario's lives go down)
  • Coins (Gives Mario extra lives after getting 100 coins)
  • Star Coin (Get it for the store)
  • Power Star (Get it to fly off an enemy)
  • Ultra Coin (Get it for the Ultra Super Mario store)
  • Yoshi (Mario and the five can ride on 5 colored Yoshis (red, green, yellow, blue, cyan))


Logos and Boxarts

Enemy Art

Character Art

Item Art


  • It is stated that the boxart will be hard to do or something like that.

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