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Super Mario World GC is the sequel of Super Mario World made on the Nintendo GameCube on November 17th 2001 for NA.This game has 10 Worlds and has the return of the Baby Yoshis.Also Introduces Day and Night cycles.


Dinosaur Island has been having weird weather 4 Rainstorms in one day and a blizzard in July so Mario, Luigi and Yoshi suspected that Bowser was behind this weird weather on Dinosaur island. So the three heros embarked on a journey to investigate the weather.


Super Mario World GC work out as 2-D Platforming with gimmicks. With over 60 levels!


Mario is the Main Hero.After his first adventure in Dinosaur Island he knows the island like the back of his hand but this time it has many Secrets Mario can jump the farthest
In the Last Adventure He was 2P but this time he can be 1P. The man in Green is Ready to run Luigi is the highest jumper.He is unlocked for 1P play after you beat World 1


Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo GameCube
Release Date

[1] September 14 2001

[2] November 17 2001

[3] May 3 2001

[4] May 17 2001

Genre Platform

ESRB [5] - Everyone

PEGI [6] - Three years and older

ACB [7] - General

USK [8] - All ages

Modes 4 Player
Media Nintendo Gamecube Disc


Nintendo Gamecube


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