Super Mario World Deluxe is the remake of the original Super Mario World by PEFP Inc. It's for Nintendo 3DS.


  • The "Ice Plains" is the New World. The boss is Bowser Jr.
  • Castle Bosses are added in all world
  • All colors of Yoshis are added, including Rainbow
  • The new enemies such as: Blue Thwomp, Whomp, Flutter, Shy Guy, Fly Guy, Snifit, Fly Snifit, Copter Koopa, Spiny Koopa, Octoomba, Elite Fortress, Tanooki Boo, Raccoon Goomba, Racoon Bill, Rocky Wrench, Flying Bill Blasters and Giant Eerie are added.
  • Super Leaf, Ice Flower, Mega Mushroom are the new items of this game
  • Toadsworth is the new helper of Mario
  • Wario, Waluigi, Princess Daisy and Toadette are the new playable characters in this game

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