Developer(s) Great Games, Inc. and Omegadream
Publisher(s) Great Games, Inc. and Omegadream
Platform(s) Concon Wii U, The Future Nintendo
Release Date(s)
2 July 2013
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
ERating3RatingA CERO cero50px ACB G svg converted
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Super Mario
Media Included Wii U Disc
Future Nintendo Disc
Digital Download
New Super Mario Bros. 5 \ Super Mario World 5  (ニュースーパーマリオブラザーズ5 \ スーパーマリオワールド5) is the sequel to Yoshi's New Island (Super Mario World 4) and New Super Mario Bros. U (New Super Mario Bros. 4), hence its name.



The story begins when Mario and his friends receive a letter from Yoshi that says his eggs will soon hatch.Mario, Luigi, Peach and the Toads immediately head for Dinosaur Land where Yoshi lives. However, Bowser, who quickly hears about this, also decides to attend to the event. At Yoshi's Home, the eggs have just hatched when Bowser shows up, engaging a fight with Mario and his friends. During the fight, Bowser throws a Yoshi egg into the air, that our heroes manage to catch before it crashed onto the ground. Alas for them it wasn't an egg but an egg shaped bomb. In the explosion, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad are all projected into different areas of Dinosaur Land. Now that Bowser has got rid of his foes, he abducts the Princess and take her to his lair, leaving Yoshi's eggs he had stolen behind him everywhere in Dinosaur Land.


The object of the game is to find Yoshi's eggs in each level to advance to the next one. If the player collects enough points, a bonus level will start between levels. Each world is made up of several levels, all of which must be completed (save for bonus levels and secret levels) to unlock the next world.

At first, Mario is the only playable character, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad can all be unlocked once Mario has completed the worlds each of them has landed in.


Playable Characters

Name Picture Description
Mario Mario Jump NSMBU The main protagonist of the game, he can run faster than Luigi.
Luigi NSMBULuigi Luigi can run faster and jump higher than his brother.
Yoshi MKPC Yoshi Solo Friend of Mario and Luigi. He can eat everything, a skill effective in bonus games.

Non-Playable Characters

Name Picture Description
Toads Toad Group Toads can be found everywhere throughout Dinosaur Land. They tried to save the princess by themselves but couldn't do much considering their small size. They hold shops in every world and do their best to help Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad.


Picture Name of the Boss Description Location(s)
Giant Wiggler11 Giant Wiggler Giant Wiggler is the first boss, a Wiggler grown by Kamek. To beat him, you must jump on all parts of his body, and finally jump on his head, and repeat three times times causing Giant Wiggler to revert into a basic Wiggler. Grassy Plain
Giant Monty Mole Giant Monty Mole The second boss of the game, grown by Kamek. This Monty Mole hollows huge holes. To beat him, three spin jumps will do. Rocky Mountain
Giant Piranha Plant

Giant Piranha Plant

This monstrous plant is the third boss of the game, helped by her minions. It will spit fireballs. Avoid them. To beat her, wait until she turns her head in the direction away from you, and jump on her head. Deep Pit
Reznor4 Reznor

Reznors appear in a pack of four on spinning blocks on the wall above lava. You must hit the block from below to defeat one, and do this for all four.

High Bridge
Giant Cheep Cheep Giant Cheep Cheep

This is just a huge fish, nothing else. To hurt it, make it swim into an Urchin's direction. To beat it, repeat this action three times.

Shiny Sea
Giant Fuzzy Giant Fuzzy

This Giant Fuzzy just follows you and the platform on which you stand on. Do a Ground Pound when Giant Fuzzy is behind you to bring down the platform on the Fuzzy. Repeat this action three times to beat him.

Great Tree
Bowser111 Bowser and Kamek (Kamek is not present on the artwork) Bowser is the final boss of the game. In his fight, he's in his Koopa Clown Car. The technique to beat him is the same as in Super Mario World, but this time, you must hurt him only three times. Gloomy Mine

Giant Reznor

Exactly the same Reznor, but giant this time.

Magic Rainbow
200px-BooNSMBU Big Boo

You can find him in some haunted houses. To beat him, lure him to the lights three times.

Haunted Houses


Name Picture Description
Goomba Goomba Major species present in all Mario games.
Angry Goomba AB A Goomba but angry.
Green Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopal. The second major species in all Mario games.
Red Koopa Troops Kuppa A Koopa with a red shell.
Blue Koopa Troopa BK A Koopa with a blue shell.
Paratroopa Paratroopa New These Koopas are flying above the ground.
Paragoomba Paragoomba These Goombas are flying above the ground.
Dino Torch Dino Torch SMWU These dinosaur spliting flames.
Bullet Bill Fig 20 killer A missile with eyes.
Banzai  Bill BanzaibillNSMBU A huge Bill Ball.
Chargin Chuck Chargin' Chuck - Super Mario 3D World These Koopas wear Amercian football gear.
Monty Mole MontymoleNSMBU These moles are hidden under the ground.
Shy Guys Shyguy-237x275 They are famous for the mask they wear.
Magikoopa Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy Bespectacled Koopas.
Pirhana Plant Piranha Plant Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Large carnivorous plants.
Basher Basher This beta Luigi's Mansion ghost appear as a boss in Haunted Levels.
Gold Puncher Gold puncher This beta Luigi's Mansion ghost appear as a boss in Haunted Levels.
Purple Twirler BT This beta Luigi's Mansion ghost appear as a boss in Haunted Levels.
Boo 200px-BooNSMBU The main ghost appear in Haunted Levels.


Number Name Description
1 Grassy Plain A vast wild jurassic plain.
2 Rocky Mountain A tall prehistoric mountain.
3 Deep Pit An underground world near the center of Earth.
4 High Bridge An athletic world above the sky.
5 Shiny Sea An large and deep aquatic world.
6 Great Tree A world inside a giant tree.
7 Gloomy Mine A world inside a mine containing a lake, lava, ice, and an underground jungle.
8 (Special) Magic Rainbow A level editor world (unlocked after collecting all Dragon Coins).


Picture Power-Up Description
Mushroom (Mario Kart 8) Mushroom Grab this to change into Super Mario.
Fire Flowerkº Fire Flower Grab this to change into Fire Mario.
CapeFeatherDelta Cape Feather Grab this to change into Caped Mario.
P-Balloon If Mario or Luigi collects one of these, they will inflate like balloons and will be able to float in the air for a short time. No points are given upon collecting the item.
Star When collected, either Mario or Luigi (depending on who gets it) will become temporarily invincible. If the players collects more stars in blocks when they have it already, they can stay invincible for a bit longer. 1000 points collected.
Yoshi's Wings If Yoshi grabs these wings, he will enter Coin Heaven. It will also turn any Yoshi blue after completion, making this an easier way to get a Blue Yoshi before Star World.

All these descriptions are from Super Mario Wiki, the free encyclopedia.


Name Image Description
1-Up Mushroom Luigi1111 If Mario or Luigi collects one, they'll get an extra life. 100 points collected.
3-Up Moon Luigi111111 If Mario or Luigi collects one of these very rare items, they both get three extra lives. 300 points collected.
Collect 100 Coins for a 1-Up.
Dragon Coin Dragon Coin SMEv Collect all five or more on one stage for a 1-Up.
P-Switches Coin4 When the blue switch is pressed, blocks transform into coins and vice-versa, and some invisible blocks will be revealed. If the silver one is pressed, some enemies, such as Spinies, will transform into Silver coins. After a short period of time, the changes made by either switch will revert to normal.
Key Keyy Collect this nifty object to open closed doors.
Red Ring Redring Makes 8 Red Coins appear for a limited time. Picking these up within the time will result in receiving an item.
Midway Ring Midring Jump into this! It is a level checkpoint.
Yoshi's Egg  YoshiEggNSMBW They are hidden in the different levels, grab it to finish the level.
Blue Special Box Bleubox It contains Yoshi Wings!
Yellow Special Box Orbox It contains Fire Flowers!
Green Special Box Vertbox It contains a 3-Up Moon!

The majority of the pictures are not made by me. All these descriptions are from Super Mario Wiki, the free encyclopedia.


Beta Elements

Main article:  Super Mario World 5 \ New Super Mario Bros. 5/Beta elements



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Name in other languages

Language Name Meaning


ニュースーパーマリオブラザーズ5 \ スーパーマリオワールド5

Nyû Sûpâ Mario Burazâzu 5 \ Sûpâ Mario Wârudo 5

Same as the english name