Super Mario World 3D: Chaos' Return is the sequel to Super Mario World 3D.



The time has come for the Mushroom Festival once again. This year even MORE new mushrooms are showcased, and the Gaurdian of Light is gifted a special mushroom each year.

This year, however, is different, because the light from the Star Tower is stolen, and chaos insues.

Only the Heroes of the Light may return the light properly or  the Mushroom Kingdom will be ajoined with darkness and the Chaos Queen will rule.

Last Mushroom Festival, the Gaurdian of Light had to defeat the Chaos royalty in order to keep what might happen again from happening.

Thus begins the story of the Chaos' Return.


This year as Mario went to watch the fireworks properly with Peach, something crazy happened.

A HUGE brigade of goombas, toads, lumas and koopas began marching towards the Star Tower. Mario couldn't stop them, and if he was correct, they had the Chaos power in a jar.

Alarmed, Mario runs into the Star Tower to see a transparent Black Toad and 3 Chaos Toads. "Here we are, heh. The Light of Mushroom Kingdom AND Mario are both in our hands at last.

A sack is thrown over Mario's head and the screen goes black.

Mario wakes up on an airship identical to one of Bowser's, only the Bowser head on the front is missing and the  airship is painted black.

DAY 1 Thus begins Day 1. In W1, Mario discovers that the Light of the Mushroom Kingdom was stolen and Black Toad (Spirit) wishes to adjoin it with the Chaos Power, or in this case, darkness. He also learns that Peach isn't part of the plan quite yet, and that she's on the same airship as him with Luigi. He battles through the Airship until he gets his first power star and rescues Luigi. Luigi informs him that Black Toad's airship is coming to collect Peach and that he and Mario need to hurry. Luigi is now a playable character. Mario and Luigi get to Peach as the Chaos Toads come to collect her, and they hop onto Black Toad's airship just in time, while collecting another Power Star. Soon the airship reaches Chaos Ruins, and here Mario collects another power star while Black Toad begins the 6 Day process of adjoing Light and Dark. Mario can't stop the process without enough Light to overpower Dark, therefore diminishing darkness forever. Mario sets off on a quest for more power stars in order to beat Black Toad. Mario collects powers stars until he reaches Bowser's castle. Bowser is infuriated by Peach's capture and decicdes that he's going to teach Black Toad 'a lesson'. Mario knows that won't work out, so he battles Bowser and beats him. It also happens that Bowser had a special item in his possesion, a light shard. After collecting the light shard, the Light Spirit appears to Mario, and tells a story. "Once there was a war between Light and Dark. Dark wished to diminish Light, and Light wished to diminish Dark. What they both didn't know, was that they depended on eachother. Without Dark, there would be no night. Without Light, there would be no day. Darkness was more powerful than Light, but Light had a plan. Light fought darkness and diminshed him from a spirit to a Toad, thus he lost he power, and Light kept balance by using Dark's power  to change from day to night.  But Dark wanted revenge, he let his hatred destroy so much light and forged Chaos. Chaos gave him enough power to imprison Light into 6 shards. You must find these shards, but be warned, if you fully diminsh Dark, our world may change, and not for the better." <p style="text-align:center;">DAY 2

As Day 2 begins, the sun begins to give out less light.

Mario and Luigi return to Chaos Ruins and throw the light shard at the Chaos Power, as Black Toad is nowhere to be seen.

Mario then goes on a search for the 2nd Light Shard, and a Toad informs him that there's one in Mirage Dessert. As Mario and Luigi walk away however, the toad reveals himself to be Black Toad.