Super Mario World 3: Yoshi's Story 2 (or just Yoshi's Story 2 for short) is a Nintendo 3DS game. It is the sequel to Yoshi's Story and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and is a prequel to Yoshi's New Island and Super Mario World.


The Yoshi clan has successfully rescued Baby Mario's brother, Luigi (or Baby Luigi, as he is mentioned in-game). The baby brothers are brought out of Baby Bowser's castle; but as the castle collapses into ruins, Kamek stops by and creates new set of islands before kidnapping Baby Luigi again! Now the Yoshi clan must take Baby Mario through another obstacle-filled world in order to rescue his brother.


Yoshi's Story 2 has the graphics of Yoshi's Story, but follows the level pattern and gameplay of Yoshi's Island. Koopa Troopas are now more common, allowing for Yoshi to gain abilities found in Super Mario World like flight, fire-spitting, and heaviness (which allows for mini earthquakes when landing). Unlike Super Mario World, however, the color of a Yoshi doesn't affect its abilities. All of the levels are completely new, and there is a multiplayer mode for minigames (which are essentially just refined version of the games found in Yoshi's Island). Yoshi's from Isle Delfino can also be unlocked by collecting everything for a certain amount of levels in each world.

Worlds and Levels

World 1: A world with a grasslands theme.

1-1: The Adventure Begins

1-2: A Game of Eggball

1-3: Ground-Pound Hill

1-4: Mega-Shy's Fortress

1-5: The Donut Rollercoaster

1-6: Lake Log Madness

1-7: Flying High

1-8: Heated Hilltop Fortress

World 2: A world with a rock/mountain/cavern theme.

2-1: Down Below

2-2: Treasure Expedition

2-3: Bandit's Magma Dash

2-4: Tri-Chomper's Underground Castle

2-5: Elevator Up, Elevator Down

2-6: The Crystal Maze

2-7: Red Hot Jet-Skiing

2-8: Rockin' Mountain Fortress

World 3: A sky-themed world, with large hills and cloud levels.

3-1: Up, Up, and Away!

3-2: The Great Hill Climb

3-3: Hot Wings for Flying

3-4: The Fortress of Flighty Flanwings

3-5: Fly Light, Fall Hard

3-6: Trampoline Trouble

3-7: Raincloud Romp

3-8: Weather-Guy's Cloudy Castle

World 4: A tropical rainforest-themed world.

4-1: Monkeymelon Lake

4-2: Swingin' Tree Vines

4-3: The Leafy Staircase

4-4: The Red Monkey's Treehouse

4-5: Sun Light, Sun Bright

4-6: Twilite's Night Jamboree

4-7: Lakitu's Large Lakehouse

4-8: Kamek Takes the Stage

World 5: A haunted house/dark forest themed level.

5-1: Into the Boos' Mansion

5-2: Spooky Cedar Trees

5-3: Boo Blah's Banshee Screech-Off

5-4: Ghastly Goop's Sticky Fortress

5-5: Booby-Trapped Boo-Guy Manor

5-6: Playing Boo Man's Bluff

5-7: Spectral Spinner's Carousel

5-8: Topsy-Turvy Spirit Castle

World 6: The last world. It has a magma theme.

6-1: Feel the Burn!

6-2: Pass the Hot Sauce

6-3: Bony Bill's Shootout

6-4: Mr. Magma's Watchtower

6-5: Help from Delfino (Isle Delfino Yoshi's can be played as in this level. They can eat ghost walls and make platforms with their juice.)

6-6: The Dry Bones Brigade

6-7: Luigi in Sight

6-8: The Final Battle

There is one bonus level, and it can be unlocked by collecting all of the red coins, stars, and flowers in at least 4 of the levels in each world. It is:

Bonus: The Yoshi Migration (This level includes Isle Delfino Yoshi's, and beating it can unlock them permanently for certain levels.)

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