Super Mario World 3: Super Mario II (Known in Japan as just Super Mario II) is a 2-D Platforming game made by BreakfastSquad and published by Fantendo for the Nintendo GameCube in 2005 to celebrate Super Mario Bro's 20th anniversary. The game is a combination of Super Mario World and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and features both Kamek and Bowser attempting to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario's Abilities:

  • Jump (A): Y'know what this is.
  • High Jump (A + ^ As Bunny Mario): Makes Mario jump as high as the screen.
  • Ground Pound (A + v as any powerup but Bunny Mario): Causes Mario to slam the ground with his lower body.
  • Triple Jump (A+A+A while running): Mario jumps 3 times as high as normal while flying forwards.
  • Fly (Triple Jump as Wing Mario): Mario will Jump into the air and fly.
  • Vanish (B as Vanish Mario): Mario's particles will spread out, allowing him to go through enemies and blocks.
  • Spin Jump (A+making a circle with the control pad): Causes Mario to Spin Jump similar to Super Mario World.
  • Open Storage (Y): Drops the item in storage.
  • Climb (Hold B on a Chainlink): Makes Mario grab on to the fence in the background. Release B to get off.

On Yoshi

  • Normal Controls (Excluding Vanish, Fly, Triple Jump, and Spin Jump)
  • Flutter Jump (Hold A): Y'know what this is.
  • Eat (B): Yoshi eats an enemy. Nom.

Baby Yoshi

  • Move (Control Pad): Make the Baby Yoshi move through the maze.


One day, Mario & Luigi are flying with Wing Caps, when suddenly, Kamek shows up and yells at the brothers, causing them to lose their Wing Caps. Mario & Luigi fall towards the sea. with the exact same ocean from Yoshi's Island.

After a while, they wake up in an area completely surrounded by mountains. It is also storming, and there are Airships in the background, firing Amps, Bullet Bills, and Torpedo Teds. The first level starts.

After completing the level, Mario ends up on the world map, and has to go through 6 levels and the boss level. After finding the secret exit to the castle, the secret level is discovered on the mountains. After completing it, the Yoshi's Cabin Item Shop opens up.

Mario & Luigi go through all 7 worlds, fighting the Koopalings. Once they get to the end of the 8th World, a large pit will be in the ground. Once going through the pit, the last 9 levels of the world are discovered: A rematch with each Koopaling, Wario & Waluigi battle, and the final battle.

After defeating Bowser in his Clown Car in the final battle, the Clown Car falls and destroys the tower. Mario & Luigi fall safely, but Bowser is hit by quite a bit of blocks. Kamek appears and uses magic on Bowser, making him around the size of Giant Baby Bowser from Yoshi's Island.

After defeating Bowser with the help of normal Yoshi and Baby Yoshi, Mario & Luigi rescue the princess, and fly home on Kamek's broom. The 9th World, Rainbow Road, opens up after the credits.


  • Super Mushroom: Turns Mario into Super Mario. Mario will start the game with one of these used on him. After dying, he will transform back into Super Mario.
  • Super Carrot: Turns Mario into Bunny Mario. Mario will normally jump twice as high with one of these, but when he gets this, he can no longer use the ground pound for the time he has it.
  • Fire Flower: Turns Mario into Fire Mario.
  • Wings: Dropped by enemies with wings in some stages. Turns Mario into Wing Mario.
  • Metal Mushroom: Dropped by Iron Goombas. Turns Mario into Metal Mario. Becomes a Gold Flower in Fall.
  • Vanish Flower: Dropped by ghost enemies. Turns Mario into Vanish Mario.
  • Yoshi: Mario's main mount.
  • Starman: Turns Mario into the invincible Star Mario. In this game, the Starman theme is the Invincibility theme from Super Mario RPG.
  • Poison Mushroom: Turns Mario into Small Mario. Unlike other games, it actually will NOT kill Small Mario, and gives points when used. Is a tomato in Fall.
  • Theif Mushroom: Turns Mario into Thief Mario. Only appears in one level: PB&J Port 2, where it is the only powerup in the level. It allows Mario to run fast and also gives him Zero-Gravity.


  1. Koopa The Quick (World 1 Midboss): Challenges Mario to a race, similar to Super Mario 64. However, this Koopa the Quick will throw Banana Peels, Bob-ombs, and Shells, and will hurt Mario upon contact. Starts as a normal Koopa, but Kamek enchants him to have speed.
  2. Wendy O. Koopa (World 1 Boss): Will throw rings at Mario, hurting him. She will also generate Koopa Shells. Was enchanted by Kamek to have flaming rings.
  3. Blow Hard (World 2 Midboss): Behaves exactly like a Blow Hard from Yoshi's Island, but must be Ground-pounded on the head to be hurt. Starts as normal, but Kamek enchants it to be giant.
  4. Lemmy Koopa (World 2 Boss): Fires Fake Coins at Mario through pipes on the wall. He will also throw bouncy balls. Is not enchanted.
  5. Gooper Blooper (World 3 Midboss): Fires ink at Mario, and will attempt to slam Mario through his tentacles. Starts as a normal blooper, but Kamek enchants him to be giant.
  6. Iggy Koopa (World 3 Boss): Will throw blocks at Mario, and will try to knock Mario off the lava platform they are on. Was given a ground pound by Kamek.
  7. Big Boo (World 4 Midboss): Exactly like a normal boo, but twice as big. Must be defeated by throwing fireballs at it from behind. Enchanted by Kamek to be bigger.
  8. Morton Koopa Jr. (World 4 Boss): Will use his weight to make a Thwomp fall and try to crush Mario. Will also try to crush Mario with his hammer. Was enchanted by Kamek to have more hammer power.
  9. Porcupuffer (World 5 Midboss): Will jump out of the water to destroy the bridge. Must be defeated with Spin Jump. Was a Spiny Cheep Cheep enchanted by Kamek to be bigger.
  10. Larry Koopa (World 5 Boss): Will attempt to throw hammers at the player, similar to the Hammer Bro, which did not appear. Will also run offscreen and come out in a random area. Was given hammers by Kamek.
  11. Huffin' Puffin (World 6 Midboss): Throws their babies at Mario, which are clones of boomerangs from Super Mario Bros. 3 that have smaller hitboxes. Was originally a small Huffin' Puffin, but enchanted by Kamek to be bigger.
  12. Roy Koopa (World 6 Boss): Spits fireballs at Mario, and will attempt to break parts of the bridge. Kamek enchanted the stage to be sidescrolling.
  13. Reznor (World 7 Midboss): Just like Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. 2. Enchanted into existance by Kamek.
  14. Ludwig Koopa (World 7 Boss): Will start by cloning himself, and jumping on the Reznor Wheel. All the clones must be hit 3 times to win. Enchanted with clones by Kamek.
  15. Wario & Waluigi (World 8 Midboss): Wario will start with the Wings, and will fly around at the top of the room. After being defeated, Waluigi will replace him and use the Fire Flower. After being defeated, they will both appear and use the Metal Mushroom and Vanish Flower, Respectively. Came in on Kamek's broom.
  16. Koopaling Rematches (World 8 Midbosses): they fight exactly like they do in their normal battles, but the levels have the Bowser Castle background, and the Koopalings take twice as much damage. Kamek remains missing.
  17. Bowser (1) (World 8 Boss): At first, the top of Bowser's Castle will just have nothing, but Bowser appears in his Clown Car. Bowser will spit fireballs, and Kamek will fly across the screen, attempting to attack Mario. Mario must spin jump into the fireballs to launch them back. After 9 hits, Bowser goes down, destroying the tower.
  18. Bowser (2) (World 8 Boss): After the tower is destroyed, Mario finds himself on a rocky area with Yoshi and Luigi. Suddenly, Kamek appears, and tells Mario that Bowser isn't done for. Luigi and Yoshi run away as Bowser appears in the evening sky in the background, slowly walking closer. As Bowser is coming closer, he will breath fire, and the Koopalings will attempt to attack Mario with the Koopa Clown Car. Mario must lead the Koopalings into a fireball, and the Koopa Clown Car will be Mario's. The player must aim at Bowser's face with the cursor, and Mario will fly towards Bowser. However, Bowser will rapidly spit fire once Mario is in the air, so Mario must dodge them. After 6 hits from the Clown Car, Bowser goes down, and Kamek falls down. Princess Peach will appear, and Luigi appears on Yoshi. Mario rides home on Kamek's broom with Peach, and the game ends.


  1. Ham Hill: The first world, that introduces water and Yoshi, and serves as somewhat of a tutorial. The world also features not only the Fire Flower and Super Mushroom, but the Wing Cap and Super Carrot. The Secret Level features the Koopa Clown Car in a space shooter level on some airships, the only ones in the game. This world features the Orange Switch Palace.
  2. Deli Desert: The desert world which introduces Vanish Mario and Snifits, as well as Pokeys. The world ramps up in difficulty. The Secret Level features Bowser Jr. running from Mario similar to Nabbit from NSMBU. This world features the Green Switch Palace.
  3. PB&J Port: The water world, which is the only world with Thief Mario, Bloopers, and Fishin' Lakitus. The world features 2 islands and a bridge link to the Secret Level of Ham Hill. The Secret Level is the only appearance of Fishin' Boos in the game. This world features the Gray Switch Palace.
  4. Apple Artic: The ice world, which introduces ice physics, Baby Yoshi, and Artic Guys, the frozen Shy Guys and the only Shy Guys for 4 worlds. The Secret Level has Mario being chased by the Artic Naval Pirhana while on a bridge. This world features the Blue Switch Palace.
  5. Meal Mountain: The mountainous world, which introduces normal Pirhana Plants, Bullet Bills, and Lakitus. The Secret Level is a long level filled with enemies and spikes, and requires Yoshi to cross. This world features the Red Switch Palace.
  6. Steak Sky: The sky world, which features the only Hammer Bro.-esque enemy in the game: The Spin Bro., which throws tornadoes at Mario, attempting to harm him. The Secret Level features many Toadies and Magikoopas from Yoshi's Island. This world features the Orange Switch Palace.
  7. Candy Castle: The semi-final world, where all the levels are castle levels, excluding the first level. The Secret Level features many Fire Snakes, and also Gordos from Kirby's Dream Land. The Magenta Switch Palace is in this world.
  8. Valley of Bowser: The final main world, where all the levels have some of the toughest levels in the game. This world also has the most levels, with 14 instead of 8. This world also has normal Shy Guys and a Naval Pirhana level. The Secret Level features Tap-Taps, Shy Guys, Amazee Dayzees, Bandits, Tribal Guys, Green Bills, and Nipper Plants. All of which are from Yoshi's Island. This world features the Yellow Switch Palace.
  9. Star Road: The final world of the game, which features 8 insanely difficult levels titled "Super Mario __", with the blank being a placeholder for the number the level uses. After the game is beaten, Star World teleporters will appear in every world, and will teleport you to the level the world number is. After beating every single Star Road level, the game will get an August colorization, and some enemies will be switched.


After beating Star Road, some colorization will change, and not only the levels, but some enemies as well, will be changed.

  • All the green grass in levels will be brown.
  • All the green trees and bushes in levels will be brown, red, orange, and yellow.
  • Bullet Bills will change to Beezo Bills, which look similar to Beezos from Super Mario USA.
  • Hoppin' Pirhanas will change to Hoppin' Pumpkins.
  • Vines in blocks will change to Ladders.
  • Goombas will be blue and have normal, emotionless eyes and no mouth, refrencing the Ambeoid of Super Mario RPG.
  • Pirhana Plants will change to Cobrats from Super Mario USA.
  • Paragoombas will change to Tweeters from Super Mario USA.
  • Koopas will have backpacks instead of shells.
  • Reznor will become a lighter shade of gray.
  • Yoshi will spit Super Melon seeds instead of fireballs upon eating a fire enemy or Red Koopa.
  • Dry Bones will change to Tanooki Statues of Koopas.
  • Chainlinks will become vines.
  • Podoboos will change to Fire Melons.
  • Dino Rhinos will be purple.
  • Pokeys will be changed to buzz-saw pokeys.
  • Fuzzies will look like they do in Super Mario World, instead of in Yoshi's Island.
  • Parakoopas will change to Goonies.
  • Parabones will change to Skeleton Goonies.

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