Returning Items


Super Mushroom

Poison Mushroom

Fire Flower


Ice Flower

Super Leaf

Tanooki Suit

Hammer Suit

Frog Suit

Boomerang Flower

Cape Feather

Yoshi Egg

Blue Shell

Mini Mushroom

Mega Mushroom

Propeller Mushroom

Penguin Suit

Super Acorn

Cannon Box

Dash Pepper

Blimp Fruit

Bulb Berry

Bomb Flower

Potted Piranha Plant

Gold Flower

Coin Block

Vegetables (SMB2)

Goomba's Shoe

Super Bell

New Items

Bomb Mushroom- Can be picked up and tossed at enemies or special blocks.

Bowser Shell- Turns you into Bowser Mario, combining the Fire Flower and Blue Shell powerups.

Vine Flower: Shoots vines that you can swing on or climb up.

Giga Grape- When swallowed by Yoshi, he grows to a gigantic size for a short amount of time.

Chill Cherry- When swallowed by Yoshi, replaces his enemy-swallowing technique with frost breath that can freeze enemies and create paths over lava.

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