Super Mario World 3: Grand Adventures is a game for the 3DS.


Mario decides to adventure the lands surrounding Dinosaur Land. When he comes back, Peach is gone and a note is left.

 Dear Mario,

If you want Peach back, you must defeat me in my impossible to get to space fortress.

 Yours Truly, Browser

Mario now must get to Bowser's Castle, but how?


  • Mario - The hero that has done things most people couldn't do. - Default
  • Luigi - Mario's helpful brother has decided to help him. - Default
  • Shy Guy - Shy Guy decides to help Mario on his adventure this time. - Beat World 2
  • Sticky - Sticky finally makes his first 3D Appearences to help Mario. - Beat World 4
  • Wagan - A robot dinosaur decides to help Mario. - Beat World 6 or use 30 star coins at the shop
  • Daisy - Daisy helps Mario reach Bowser's Space Castle. - Beat World 7


  • Fire Flower - Turns Mario into Fire Mario.
  • Ice Flower - Turns Mario into Ice Mario.
  • Cape Feather - Turns Mario into Cape Mario.
  • Boo Mushroom - Turns Mario into Boo Mario.
  • Yoshi - Mario's buddy may not be a item, but he is rideable and can stick out his tounge.


  • Goomba - Bowser's small battlers that can do not much.
  • Paragoomba - Winged Goombas that simpally fly.
  • Koopa - Shelled battlers that follow Bowser.
  • Paratroopa - Flying Koopas that can hide in their shell during flight and land.
  • Meanie Mushroom - Mushrooms that serve Browser and can jump and run like Mario.
  • Beanie Mushroom - Mushrooms that wear Beanies and fly in style.
  • Piranha Head - Piranha Plants that littearly had their bodies cut off to have more motabilaty.
  • Venus Fire Trap Head - Venus Fire Traps that litteraly cut off their bodies to have more motabilaty.
  • Sumo Bro. - Sumos that can cause hard shockwaves.
  • Gao - Lions that walk around and spit fire.
  • Cobrat - Cobras that spit fire and hop out of pipes.
  • Flying Book - Magical Books that can drop inkbombs.
  • Ink Puddler - Living puddles of ink that are the counterpart of Acid Puddlers.
  • Hammer Bro. - Hammer-throwing Koopas that serve Bowser.
  • Barrel Bro. - Hammer Bros that throw barrels.
  • Cannonhead - Walking robots that shoot cannonballs.
  • Amp - Flying orbs that produce electricity.
  • Chain Chomp - Dog-like orbs that are stuck to chains and stools.
  • Freezy Fro - Frozen mushrooms wearing afros and spitting ice.
  • Bone Bat - Undead bats uncapable of flight but capable of gliding.
  • Lumpum - Plums that rest until you wake them up.
  • Cakale - Living cakes able to destroy brick blocks and eat coins.
  • Toppin - Yummy condemints that can be picked up and thrown.
  • B.L.Te - Sandwiches that are made of Bone Bats, Lumpums, and Toppins.
  • Boneslum - Snakes that wear their mothers skulls for protection. One hit breaks the skull, the other destroys it.
  • Bonerang Bat - Bats that throw their mothers bones and recollect them with a magnet.
  • Stonehood - Living rocks that walk up walls and walk on ceilings. They fall on the ground when they spot Mario.
  • Bone Piranha Head - Bone Piranhas that cut off their bodies for more motabilaty.
  • Glow Bee - Bees that glow in the dark and appear mostly appear in dark levels.
  • Tba


  • Iggy Koopa - Iggy Koopa has invented a Renzor Ride to use to defeat Mario. - 3 Hits to defeat
  • Lemmy Koopa - Lemmy Koopa rides a giant Cakale that is too tall to reach without a Cape Feather. - 3 Hits to Defeat
  • Larry's Big Boneslum - Larry Koopa invents a giant robot Boneslum that can throw bones and spit fire. 3 Hits to defeat.
  • Tba


  • Dinosaur Land
  • Cake Land
  • Bonecoaster Land
  • Palm Tree Land
  • Jungle Land
  • Wagan Land
  • Stratosphere Land
  • Music Land
  • Bowser's Lava Castle

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