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Super Mario World 3 is the third game in the Super Mario World series. It will have elements from SMW and SMB3.


Mario, Luigi, and Peach are relaxing on a summer day. Until Bowser appears in his Clown Copter, kidnapping Peach, and flying away to his underworld inside a volcanco. The Mario Bros. start running, but a Toad appears telling them that to get to the underworld is to collect 7 keys guarded by the Koopa Kids. They invite him to come along to give them advice, the Toad agrees so they begin running. TBA.




Green Toad




Koopa Kids



Mega Man



World 1: Grassy Fields

  1. A level with Goombas and Koopas
  2. A field with Yoshi, and Pirranha Plnts
  3. A level high in the mountains.
  4. A water level that interdeuces the Frog Suit

Castle. The first Castle level. Iggy Koopa will be fought here

Yellow Switch Palace. Can be played by finding the exit in 1-2.

World 2: Donut Desert

  1. A level where the Cape Feather is interdouced 
  2. An underground level with Pokeys and Spinies

Ghost House: The first mansion in the game, Big Boo will be fought if you find the secret exit

3. A level with sandspouts and tornados

4. A level in a sandstorm

Desert Level: a level with the Angry Sun and Koopas

Castle: A level with Thwomps and Bullet Bills, Larry Koopa will be fought here

Top Secret Area: A secret level with infintie lives

World 3: Frozen Cave

  1. A cave level with ice related enemies
  2. Another cave level with frozen water that could cause instant death.
  3. A level that has the Penguin Suit

Ghost House: The second ghost house, it's the same as the last

4. A level with with a blizzard that acts like a sandstorm

Castle: A castle with Magikoopas and Ice Bros. Lemmy Koopa is fought here

Red Switch Palace: Can be played by finding the secret exit in 3-3

World 4: Sea Bridges

  1. A level with Jumping Cheep Cheeps, Porcupuffers and Dolphins
  2. A level that resembles 1-4
  3. A level with Parakoopas, and Parabeetles. The player must find the secret exit in 3-1 in order to play the level
  4. A short level with Monty Moles and Charging Chucks

Castle: A under water level with Torpedo Teds and Ball 'n' Chains. Wendy O. Koopa will be fought here.

World 5: Flooded Jungle

  1. A level with Wigglers and a Boss Bass
  2. A level with a raft on poisonous water with Purple Poodoos
  3. A level where Mario must climb a giant tree to get to the clouds

Forest Ghost House: A level with the poison water and Eeries

4. A long level with spinning platforms with Fuzzies and Parakoopas

Castle: A castle that acts like a maze, with stuff from the last 4 castles. Roy Koopa will be fought here.

Green Switch Palace: This level can be played when finding the secret exit in 5-GH

World 6: Onyx Canyon

  1. A level with Stone Spikes, and Dino Rhinos
  2. A level that Mario goes uphill while avoiding boulders and Chain Chomps
  3. A level that Mario rides a minecart
  4. A level that takes place in a construction site
  5. A level that takes inside the mountain with rising lava, and enemies from the last 4 levels

Castle: Another level with rising lava, however there would be Bullet Bills. Morton Koopa Jr. will be fought here.

World 7: Cloudy Clifftop

World 8: Bowser's Underworld

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