Super Mario World 3 is the third game in the Super Mario World series. It will have elements from SMW and SMB3.


Mario, Luigi, and Peach are relaxing on a summer day. Until Bowser appears in his Clown Copter, kidnapping Peach, and flying away to his underworld inside a volcan

o. The Mario Bros. start running, but a Toad appears telling them that to get to the underworld is to collect 7 keys guarded by the Koopa Kids. They invite him to come along to give them advice, the Toad agrees so they begin running. TBA.




Green Toad




Koopa Kids



Mega Man



World 1: Flower Field

  • 1-1: Goomba Garden
  • 1-2: Monty's Mine
  • 1-A: Pipe Dreams
  • 1-3: Yoshi's Hazelbug Hill
  • 1-Tower: Goomboss' Tightrope Tower (Goomboss)
  • 1-4: Parakoopa Ledge
  • 1-5: Cheep Cheep Rainstorm
  • 1-6: Pedal-Fall Park
  • 1-Castle: Iggy's Koopa-Grate Castle (Iggy)

World A: Yoshi's Island

  • A-1: Yoshi's Beach
  • A-2: Chomp Rock Hill
  • A-A: Bee Harvest
  • A-3: Egg Jungle
  • A-Castle: Boshi's Egg-Scramble Castle (Boshi)

World 2: Creamy Desert

  • 2-1: Spiny's Feathery Dunes
  • 2-2: Fast-Sand Dash
  • 2-3: Pokey's Moai-Eye Base
  • 2-4: Blooper Seasands
  • 2-Tower: Mummipokey's Stone-Fall Tower (Mummipokey)
  • 2-5: Lakitu's Sandstorm Sanctuary
  • 2-A: Bob-omb Dunes
  • 2-6: Cowcti's Crumbling Canyon
  • 2-Castle: Wendy's Boiling Castle (Wendy)
  • 2-Airship: Junior's Conveyor Crateship (Bowser Jr.)

World 3: Fizzy Beach

  • 3-1: Cheep-Cheep Resort
  • 3-2: Urchin's Undersea Rumble
  • 3-3: Dance of the Dolphins
  • 3-A: Skeeter Island
  • 3-Tower: Cheepskipper's Submerged Fort (Cheepskipper)
  • 3-4: Rammerhead Ruins
  • 3-Ghost House: Sunken Ghost Cruiser
  • 3-B: Porcupuffer Falls
  • 3-5: Flooded Cavern
  • 3-Castle: Larry's Bubble-Bomb Castle (Larry)

World B: Gigantic Island

  • B-1: Mega Meadows
  • B-2: Sledge Bro. Valley
  • B-3: Supersized Seas
  • B-A: Big Buzzy Ride
  • B-4: Thwomp Caverns
  • B-Castle: Ledge Bro's Titantic Castle (Ledge Bro.)

World 4: Yogurt Mountain

  • 4-1: Bully's Gleaming Glacier
  • 4-2: Diamond Drift
  • 4-Ghost House: Boo's Midnight Spook
  • 4-A: Cooligan's Celsius Cavern
  • 4-3: Ice-Fall Peaks
  • 4-Tower: Chief Chilly's Snowstorm Tower (Chief Chilly)
  • 4-4: Parhelion Paradise
  • 4-B: Freezeflame Volcano
  • 4-5: Fliprus' Crooked Valley
  • 4-Castle: Morton's Chillcrush Castle (Morton)
  • 4-Airship: Junior's Cannonball Cruiser (Bowser Jr. #2)

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