Super Mario World 3: Blargg's Quest
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Developer(s) Hammer Egg House, Inc.
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Wii Virtual Console
Genre(s) 2.5D Platformer, Action, Adventure
Main Series Mario
Sub-series Super Mario World
Predecessor Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Media Included SNES Cartridge
Digital Download (Virtual Console)
Input SNES Controller
Classic Controller (Virtual Console)
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA - February 29, 1996
25px-Flag of Europe - March 1, 1996
25px-Flag of Japan - March 2, 1996
25px-Flag of Australia - March 3, 1996
Virtual Console
All Regions - June 20, 2010
Template:Rated E

Super Mario World 3: Blargg's Quest is the 2nd indirect sequel to Super Mario World. It was developed by Hammer Egg House, Inc. and released in 1996. It features Lava-Bob as the main character and takes place during the intro of Lava Path 64, though refers to Lava-Bob as "a Blargg" and "the Blargg" throughout the story, as at release Lava Path 64 was in development and Hammer Egg House, Inc. didn't want to spoil their "upcoming Blargg themed game for Nintendo's new system."



After the events of Super Mario World, a Blargg, the last of his kind, escapes Vanilla Dome to be safe from Mario, who has defeated all of his species. But mysterious other spirits guard the path to victory-will the Blargg find a safe home after all?
The game's instruction booklet

Throughout the Game

After leaving his home, the Blargg enters the river. He discovers that he is becoming extinguished, but suddenly a Nep-Enut leaps out and gives him a cap with shapeshifting powers, and he puts it on, transforming into water. The Blargg asks the Nep-Enut to accompany him, and he does so. The duo continues through challenges as they go out to the ocean. After crossing Dinosaur Ocean, the duo comes ashore to Spooky Island. On the island, they venture through Ghostly Beach, Monkeyvine Jungle and Swallow Caverns and then go into the Center of the Earth. They later come out, only to be stopped by an evil icy spirit known as Baron Brr. They then defeat him, for now. Later, after crossing Shiverburn Isle, they come across him again. After defeating him, they enter a safe volcano, which was their original goal, known as Hot Regenerator, which regenerates defeated spirits. Baron Brr's spirit enters, and comes back to life in a fiery form called InferFlake. After he is defeated, the Blargg finds some of his lost friends' spirits regenerating, and the credits begin to roll.


After the credits, the Blargg and the Nep-Enut continue their alliance and the story of Lava Path 64 from there commences. Template:EndSpoiler


The gameplay is somewhat similar to the past Mario games. The world map is extremely similar to the one in Super Mario World. In levels, you control the Blargg similarly to to Mario in SMW










World Name Description World Boss Levels
Dinosaur Ocean This world is the watery area around Dinosaur Land. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, there are strange surprises at every corner! Sop-eidon
Vanilla Dome
Oceanus Hills
Watery Cliffside
Piranha Plants!
Secret Shoreline
Neon Beachhouse
Spooky Island The edge of the shoreline of this island gives the whole island a name-it is super haunted! You must cross this short yet scary world to continue your journey. Vino Boo


DLC (Virtual Console Only)




Downloadable Content (Virtual Console)

When the game was released on the Wii Virtual Console, Hammer Egg House, Inc. released DLC. Here is a list of it:





Beta Elements


Concept Art Gallery

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