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Introduced in what game?


Galoomba Super Mario World Like Goombas, but can not be defeated by being jumped on, however, a spin-jump would do fine.
Para-Galoomba Super Mario World They hop n' stuff. Remove their wings by hopping on THEM to turn them into normal Galoombas.
Koopa Troopa Super Mario Bros. Bowser's main army troops. When stomped on, they hide in their shell, which can be kicked at enimes. Green ones walk off cliffs while red ones turn around at the edge of cliffs.
Koopa Paratroopa Super Mario Bros. A winged Koopa that can fly. Green ones jump up and down in a direction while red ones fly up and down in midair without ever touching the ground in this state.
Piranha Plant Super Mario Bros. A plant which comes out of pipes and damages Mario. Can be spin-jumped on.
Fire Piranha Plant Super Mario Bros. 3 Like a Pirhana Plant, but shoots fire.
Jumping Piranha Plant Super Mario World Jumps out of pipes when Mario is nearby, but not when he is on top of the pipe. Can be spin-jumped on and can not be killed without power-ups, like many enemies.
Monty Mole Super Mario World A mole that can jump out of the ground or the background platforms. It chases you.
Morty Mole Super Mario World A giant Monty Mole that acts as a platform from the top, but an enemy from the sides. Unlike the Monty Mole, this does not chase you.
Pokey Super Mario Bros. 2 A cactus that slowly follows Mario. Can be spin-jumped on. Each segment can be swallowed by Yoshi or killed otherwise using power-ups.
Hammer Brother Super Mario Bros. A Koopa which throws hammers.
Buzzy Beetle Super Mario Bros. Only spin-jumps will suffice for defeating this guy, besides the usual throw-off-the-cliff. Stomping on him will make him hide in his shell, which is holdable.
Spiny Super Mario Bros. Don't jump on these. They do fall off cliffs. They are thrown by Lakitus.
Lakitu Super Mario Bros. A flying Koopa that throws the enemy listed above. Its cloud can be Grand-Theft-Auto'd for Mario's use before it fades away.
Bob-omb Super Mario Bros. 2 Tame until Mario stomps on it, then it will explode, which can damage other enemies as well as Mario and hard blocks.
Bullet Bill Super Mario Bros. A projectile shot out of Bill Blasters and Billy Guns, though Billy Guns shoot more Bullet Bills.
Beach Koopa Super Mario World The result of a happy Koopa and Mario's foot. He can throw his shell at Mario, but he will more likely climb into the closest one he can find to become a Koopa again.
Fighter Fly Mario Bros. Cannot be jumped on. Acts like a jumping Spiny.
Boo Super Mario Bros. 3 Can only be killed with invincibility. Looking at them will make them stop in their tracks, but not looking at them will let them follow Mario.
Sidestepper Mario Bros. Acts just like a Spiny.
Roto-Disc Super Mario Bros. 3 Up to two flashing discs that looks like waffles circling around a round block. They could be avoided easier than Fire Bars.
Banzai Bill SMW
Banzai Bill Super Mario World Acts like a Bullet Bill, but moves slower and is significantly larger.
Goomba/Gloomba Super Mario Bros. One stomp will take them down! Almost anything else will work, too.
Poisonous Mushroom Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels Don't try to eat this jerk!
Para-Goomba Super Mario Bros. 3 They hop a little bit. Jumping on them once will remove their wings, turning them into a normal Goomba or Gloomba.
Blooper Super Mario Bros. Jump on these all you want - if you're not swimming. They will jump around a bit.
Cheep-Cheep Super Mario Bros. Jump on these all you want - if you're not swimming. Some will target you, some will swim back and forth, and some will just swim straight.
Ninji Super Mario Bros. 2 Black ones run around and wait for you to jump on them to kill them. Purple ones act as platforms.
Shy Guy Super Mario Bros. 2 Blue ones turn around at the edge of cliffs while red ones. . . don't.
Tweeter Super Mario Bros. 2 They act like red Shy Guys that wear Slime Blocks on their feet.
Sparky Super Mario Bros. 2 They cling onto a platform and circle it. Dont touch them or else you'll feel like you just stook a fork in an outlet!
Snifit Super Mario Bros. 2 Snifit - what I say when I fart when I'm by someone I hate. These act like a Shy Guy to Bullet Bill hybrid, but don't try to jump on their bullets.
Hoopster Super Mario Bros. 2 They aren't called "Hoopstars"! They climb up and down vines.
Thwomp Super Mario Bros. 3

"ERGHHH!" -Thwomp, Super Mario 64

Don't stand underneath these guys.

Podoboo Super Mario Bros. They hop in and out of lava.
Rex Super Mario World The game wants you to spin-jump on them so that they are gone - but are you really gonna fall for that? I mean, you CAN, after all, get 300 whole points for doing a double jump on a whole Rex, so. . . yeah.
Nipper Plant Super Mario Bros. 3 Nipples. . . oooh. . . wait, I misread that. These guys shouldn't be jumped on.
Boo/Big Boo/Eerie Super Mario Bros. 3/Super Mario World Eeries go in one direction. Boos chase you if you're backs turned, and Big Boos are just like Boos, but they don't have to go as far to kill you, as their hitbox is larger.
Bowser Statue Super Mario Bros. 3 They spit fire. They don't move. Yeah.
Dry Bones/Fishbone Super Mario Bros. 3/Super Mario World Dry Bones can be stomped on and they will quit their job of throwing bones at you, though they will come back. Fishbones target you and launch at you underwater.
Spike Top Super Mario Bros. 3 They are like Sparkies.
Grinder Super Mario World These can be spin-jumped on, unlike in Super Mario Maker, the game that lets you spin-jump on everything that you couldn't in NSMBU.
Swooper Super Mario World Ever since their remodel in the newer games, people have called them Zubats.
Blargg Super Mario World They attack you from out of the lava.
Volcano Lotus Super Mario World They shoot out hot stuff.
Bully Super Mario 64 They chase after you and hurt you. Spin-jump on them!
Chuchu The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask They're like jumping Goombas.
(I don't know the name of this one, please help out!) (I don't know the first appearance of this one, please help out!) They come after you with a knife, but a jump will exterminate them just fine.