NPCs in a platformer? How obscure! It will work and you can all help by adding NPCs.

Image? Name? Appearance/Description?
  • Works in all of the Toad Houses - the Star Houses, 1-Up Houses, and Power-up Houses. What a busy guy!
  • Will always give Luigi a good item in Power-up Houses (e.g. anything but mushrooms).
  • There is a 10% chance that whenever the playable character enters a Tod House, Greeny will be robbed by Nabbit.
  • After robbing the Toad  House, Nabbit will go onto the world map on the level the player has died on the most within the three closest levels of the robbed Toad House.
  • Obviously, the items cannot be taken from the Toad House if it is robbed, so the playable character must save their items along with Greeny's pay from Nabbit.

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