Not to be confused with Super Mario World 3: Return to Dinosaur World, although their names suggest the same feel.

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SMW3: Back to the Island
The Game's Boxart
Developer(s) TEN5DOT
Publisher(s) Fantendo/Nintendo
Platform(s) SNES, Wii U, 3DS, Switch
Release Date(s)
Singleplayer, 2-to-6-Player Multiplayer, 2-Player Battle
Genre(s) 2D Platformer, Action-Adventure
Series Super Mario

(Super Mario World Sub-Series)

Predecessor  ???
Successor  ???
Cost $19.99 USD

Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island is the third installment in the Super Mario World series for SNES released in 2020 and all three games were ported to the Wii U3DS and Switch eShop. For Mario and Peach's 30 year anniversary, they go to Yoshi's Island, but Bowser, the Koopalings, and Bowser Jr. kidnap Peach once again! It's up to the crew to save her, along with the help of some NPCs!


See Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island's enemies page.


  • Bowser Jr.'s Airship - 6 courses but no Toad Houses, however there is 1 Secret Exit (to Bowser's Clouds of Doom).
  • Bowser's Clouds of Doom - 10 courses but no Toad Houses.

Bosses - Gallery

Notes - An asterisk (*) notes that Kamek helps that boss.

World Tower Airship Castle
Yoshi's Island Iggy Koopa Boom Boom *Iggy Koopa
Donut Plains Ludwig Von Koopa Bowser Jr. *Ludwig Von Koopa
Vanilla Dome Larry Koopa Boom Boom *Larry Koopa
Butter Bridge Lemmy Koopa Bowser Jr. *Lemmy Koopa
Forest of Illusion Roy Koopa Boom Boom *Roy Koopa
Bowser Jr.'s Airship Wendy O. Koopa Bowser Jr. Wendy O. Koopa & Bowser Jr.
Valley of Bowser Morton Koopa Jr. Boom Boom Bowser & Morton Koopa Jr.
Bowser's Clouds of Doom Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.

Dry Bowser & Bowser Jr.

Star Road Cosmic Clone Dry Bowser Jr. Cosmic Clone
Gold Path Kamek *Cosmic Clone Kamek
Special King Boo Pom Pom Queen Boo



First Appearance Abilities
Super Mushroom Super Mario Bros. Turns Mario into Super Mario, allowing him and all other versions but the one block tall Mario to destroy bricks with their fist and ground pound on bricks with their butts.
Fire Flower Super Mario Bros. Allows Mario to shoot fireballs at enemies.
Cape Feather Super Mario World Allows Mario to whack enemies with his cape and fly for a limited time after running.
P-Balloon Super Mario World Alows Mario to fly in the air for fifteen seconds. He is not invincible in this form!
Starman Super Mario Bros. Allows Mario to be invincable for 15 seconds.
Stunman Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island Allows Mario to shoot stunning projectiles that look like tiny little red stars.
Ice Flower New Super Mario Bros. Wii Freezes most enemies, excluding bosses and some others.
Hammer Flower Super Mario Evolution Allows Mario to throw hammers as if he were a Hammer Brother.
Ladybug Flower Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island

Allows Mario to fly for a short amount of time (similar to Bee Mario) and shoot flower petals.