The second planet of the game, is in a volcano!, watch out it's getting hot!

Next Planet: Acidiong

Previous Planet: Seasoning

Number of Levels and Castles

  • Levels: 12 (14 with the secret levels)
  • Castles: 3


  • Super Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Robo Flower
  • Draglet Suit
  • Bomb Flower
  • Ice Flower (King Kaliente Boss Fight Only)

Bosses Strategy

Boss 3 - MummiPokey

SMBDIY Mummipokey

He is very simple, dodge from his spikes and throw bombs, which will fall out from the sealing, against him, do this three times and you win.

Boss 4 - Cyber Goomba

Cyber goomba

He is easy, the room where you find him, have two mirrors, when the Goomba shoots, jump and make the laser hits the mirror to counterattack him, do this four times and you win.

Boss 5 (Main Boss) - King Kaliente


At start of the boss fight, you will get the Ice Flower, King Kaliente throws Fire Balls to you, freeze the fire balls with the Fire Flower and launch the "Iceball" against him. Do this eight times and you win.

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