Originally, Wario and Waluigi was planned to be unlockable characters, but, there are removed. Also, Toadette was planned to be the Toad Houses' keeper, but, her has been changed by Toadsworth.


All the planets have the name changed:

  • Seasoning - SonSea
  • Lavareus - Reuslava
  • Acidiong - Aciebes
  • Startos - Star Hill
  • Boohisis - Booreepy
  • Onefarious - Oneson
  • Darkarius - Blackoom
  • The Bowser's Planet - The Final Challange

E3 2012 Trailer

In the E3 2012 trailer, show several things who don't appear in the game:

  • Wario as the boss of the Onefarious.
  • Waluigi as the boss of Darkarius.
  • Star Coins have a different design.
  • Raccoon Mario was show on the trailer, but, they don't appear anywhere in the game.
  • Toad as a playable character.
  • Peach trapped in a cage in the background of the Bowser's Planet.
  • Luigi in the ghost houses.

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