The Cover
Developer(s) The Tris Company
Publisher(s) The Tris Company and Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2012

25px-Flag of USA TBA 2012

25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2012

Single-Player and Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: Everyone

PEGI: 3+

Genre(s) 2-D Plataformer
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game Card
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Mamma Mia, let's a go again!
Mario in E3 2012 trailer.

Super Mario World 3: A Galaxy Quest (or Super Mario Bros. 5: The Galaxy's Secret in Japan or Super Mario World 2: A Galaxy Quest in Europe) is the sequel of Super Mario World, but, also the sequel of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for the Nintendo 3DS, developed and published by The Tris Company.


After Mario/Luigi defeated Bowser, Bowser comes back, he made his own galaxy the Mad Bowser Galaxy and captured Princess Peach in this galaxy, Mario and Luigi goes to the Mad Bowser Galaxy, in this galaxy, he finds friendly monsters who can help Mario or Luigi in your journey.

After the credits, a letter from Princess Peach will be shown with the player's Mii name.

After you complete the Reversed Adventure, you can unlock the Power-Up Museum and use the powerups to destroy the credits.


Unlike the previous games, SMW3 is a 2.5D Plataformer, the player can change Mario or Luigi during the gameplay, some places only Mario can goes and some places only Luigi goes, if the game is played in multiplayer, the game changes, for example, when playing Luigi, he doesn't enter in Ghost Planets, but, in Multiplayer, he enter along Mario. In some places, Mario can't jump, in multiplayer, Luigi can launch Mario to that place. The game added the Helper System, in some planets, some enemies can help Mario or Luigi in certain puzzles.

Game Modes

  • Adventure
  • Free Play
  • Multiplayer
    • ​Co-Op
    • Coin Rush
    • Arena
  • Boss Rush (unlocked after complete the game)
  • Reversed Adventure (the same game, but, reversed.)



Character Name Description
Mario NSMB2 Mario

"Mario, the most loved plumber hero in the gaming world is here to save the Princess Peach... again!"

NSMBULuigi Luigi "Luigi is the brother of the Brooklyn plumber is here to help his brother, Mario, to save Princess Peach once again."


Character Name Description
329px-Yoshi FS Yoshi "The most loved partner in the Mario series is here to help Mario and Luigi in your journey, he can swallow enemies."
268px-NSMBWiiPeach Princess Peach "The most beauttiful princess in the Mushroom Kingdom has been captured by Bowser and Mario and Luigi need save her."
9.Toadsworth Toadsworth "Toadsworth is the loyal servant of Princess Peach, he can help Mario or Luigi giving 1-Up Mushrooms in the Toad Houses."



Power-Up Name Form
200px Super Mushroom 286px-Jumping Mario Artwork - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Firemariobytetrisplayer
Gold Flower NSMB2 Gold Flower NSMB2 Golden Mario
Magic Flower Magic Flower MagicMarioByArend
NSMBG-GravityFlower Gravity Flower NSMBG-GravityMario
Mega mushroom- Mega Mushroom NSMB2 Mega Mario
Robo Flower SMG2.5 Robo Flower Robo Mario.
Cape Feather NSMBVR Cape Feather Cape Mario SMWU
SuperballFlowerSML3D Superball Flower Superball Mario
Draglet Suit SMW3D Draglet Suit Draglet Mario SMW3D
252px-Lightmushroom Light Mushroom LightMario
Propellermushroom Propeller Mushroom MarioPropella
200px Tuba Flower 217px-TubaMario
Tanooki Suit NSMBDIY Tanooki Suit


Bomb Flower NSMBDIY Bomb Flower Bomb Mario.
RockMushroomSME Rock Mushroom RockMario
CloudFlower Cloud Flower Cloud Mario NSMBVR
Vanish Cap Vanish Cap Vanish Mario
ThunderFlower. Thunder Flower ThunderMario
Banana Flower Banana Flower Monkey Mario Lucoshi
Star Super Star 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o
Metal Metal Mushroom METAL mARIO ISLAND


Boss Name Planet
Bowser Jr NSMBU Bowser Jr. Seasoning
KingKalienteProfile King Kaliente Lavareus
Virtual Mario 2 Virtual Mario Acidiong
Ztar NSMBDIY Ztar Startos
Boohemoth Solo Boohemoth Boohisis
Shadow Mario2 Shadow Mario Onefarious
Morton Koopas Seniorr Morton Koopa Sr. Darkarius
478px-Nsmb2 bowser Bowser The Bowser's Planet



  • Cruel Mario: Defeat 100 enemies.
  • A Living Museum: Get all power-ups.
  • Goodbye, Sea!: Complete Seasoning planet.
  • Bowser Jr. and the Secret Realm: Unlock the secret level on Seasoning.
  • Fire Up!: Complete Lavareus planet.
  • The Kaliente's Secret: Unlock the secret level on Lavereus.
  • Remember from Zebes?: Complete Acidiong.
  • The Virtual World: Unlock the secret level on Acidiong.
  • The Star Wish: Complete Startos.
  • Ztar's Treasure: Unlock the secret level on Startos.
  • A Creepy Time: Complete Boohisis.
  • The Boo's Secret: Unlock the secret level on Bohisis.
  • Shadowy Time: Complete Onefarious.
  • One Treasure from Farious: Unlock the secret level on Onefarious.
  • Bye, Bye, Morton Koopa!: Complete Darkarius.
  • The Honorary Secret: Unlock the secret level on Darkarius.
  • Adeiu, Bowser: Complete The Bowser's Planet.
  • Finishing with Style: Unlock the secret level on The Bowser's Planet.
  • I have a friend!: Play Multiplayer.
  • We Never Play Alone: Complete the game multiplayer.
  • You are the Winner: Win a battle on Arena Mode.
  • I'm Rich: Win a Coin Rush.
  • The Grand Finale: Complete the Boss Rush.
  • Great Fan: Have three saves with 100%.
  • Again?: Complete the game twice.
  • The Gold Mario: Won all the achievements.


  • It's the first Mario game to starts in a Sea World.
  • The game is heavily based on Super Mario Galaxy Series.
  • The Sandwich Flower, make apparance in one of Bowser's Quote: "What Mario, you are hungry, how about of a Sandwich Flower?"
  • The name is called Super Mario World 2 in Europe, because, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island has been released only with the "Yoshi's Island" subtitle.

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