Not to be confused with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
super mario world 2 return to dinosaur land
Developer(s) dj kirker productions
Publisher(s) dj kirker productions
Platform(s) wiiu
Release Date(s)
december 20 2012
normal mode

wii u mode

Age Rating(s)
a perfecto 10 :)
Genre(s) mario
Series dj kirker

mario new super mario bros

Super Mario World 2 Return to Dinosaur Land is the sequel to Super Mario World for the SNES. this game is scheduled to come on for the WiiU. This game was invented by Dj Kirker Productions since SMW deserves a sequel


Mario and Luigi has just recently saved the princess from Bowser during the events of Super Mario World. they return to the Mushroom Kingdom to celebrate but Bowser took the Princess again and took her to Dinosaur World but he also kidnapped Daisy and Toad so Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, and Sam the Shy Guy Dj Kirker Productions Mascot.


like Super Mario World there are 8 worlds but there are different levels and the enemies and bosses are more modern.also Bowser is no longer fought in Valley of Bowser but in his homeland Dark Land. here are the worlds

world 1-Yoshi's Island- Iggy Koopa

world 2-Donut Island- Morton Koopa Jr

world 3-Vanilla Dome- Lemmy Koopa

world 4-Twin Bridges- Ludwig von Koopa

world 5-Forest of Illusion- Roy Koopa

world 6-Chocolate Island- Wendy O Koopa

world 7-Valley of Bowser- Larry Koopa

world 8-Dark Land- Bowser

world Wiiu-This level allows anyone to use characters from NSMBU on there only accessible after getting the 5 stars


same as Super Mario World but for the WiiU


  • this is the first Super Mario World game to feature Toads and Dark Land
  • this game is also rumored to appear on the 3ds but Dj Kirker said no due to him not having a 3ds and having a WiiU
  • The Goombas on this game are not the ones from the orginal

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