Super Mario World 2 is the sequel to Super Mario World and the fifth game in the main Super Mario series, and the second for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It improves upon it's predecessor's overworld and power-ups even more than before, and is widely considered one of the highest points of the series. "It sure is fortunate that this game was released", random citizen Arale was quoted as saying, "otherwise I fear the Mario series may have gotten too bogged down in bad sports spin-offs and terrible characters leading it to become an overall low-quality series. Gee, it would suck if that happened."


As revealed by brief messages at the beginning of the game, Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi have taken a vacation to the Eastern Hills, an exotic continent found somewhere far away from the Mushroom Kingdom. Unfortunately, it seems that someone had hijacked their boats on the way over, and Peach's mysteriously did not show up at the docks. Thus begins Mario and Luigi's quest to find her.


Super Mario World 2 plays somewhat similarly to Super Mario World, but contains notable improvements. Firstly, the number of power-ups has been increased, somewhat resembling Super Mario Bros. 3's larger selection. Secondly, the concept of Yoshis with different elemental powers has been expanded upon, making the Yoshis more applicable to the game as a whole. Thirdly, the overworld system has become even more complicated, with gimmicks related to movement around the overworld and secret areas added, as well as NPC houses done in a way similar to Donkey Kong Country 3. Support for multiple midpoints has also been added, meaning much longer levels are now more fair to be used.

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