Mario & Yoshi: Mushroom Kingdom Heroes
Developer(s) ChaoticYoshi Gaming
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, Zenze
Release Date(s)
1 player, 2 player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Mario
Mario & Yoshi: Mushroom Kingdom Heroes is a 2D Side-scrolling platformer game for the Nintendo Switch and Zenze set to release in 2017. The game mixes elements from 2D Mario platformers with 3D elements, such as a health bar. There is also a feature where Yoshi follows the player around. When the - button is pressed, Mario will get on Yoshi's back where he can preform moves such as the Flutter Jump.

The game can be notable for it's simplistic 2D artstyle, as opposed to the 3D artstyle of other modern Mario games. However, the story is slightly more complicated than most Mario platformers.


It all begins when Mario, Luigi, and Peach are on the balcony, where Bowser attacks with his airship and kidnaps the princess. Luigi jumps up to grab the airship unnoticed, and succeeds, except he is too afraid to go down. Mario attemps to attack Bowser, but gets knocked back by a dark fireball. Bowser escapes with Luigi and Peach. On his way to Apple Lake, Mario finds a Yoshi egg. He jumps on it, releasing Yoshi, who tells Mario how he got trapped after he saw a magic fireball hit him. Mario and Yoshi team up with each other to save Luigi and Peach.

They later find Toadsworth, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad unconcious. They explained that they were going on a walk (to relieve Toadsworth's stress) when they too, got hit by a fireball. Blue Toad explained that according to his research, the fireball was generated from an item called the Ztar , an ancient star used to grant evil wishes. He said Bowser could use it for anything, as long as it has an evil purpose. Mario and Yoshi notice a book that Bowser has dropped, and a key. Inside the book are eight locks. Mario put the key in the lock it fit in, and a picture of Berry Plains was revealed. Blue Toad stated that the book was supposed to guide them on their way to the Ztar, and stop it. The duo headed to Berry Plains.

Meanwhile, Peach was locked up in Sky Castle, Bowser's temporary base. Luigi snuck into Peach's room and unlocks the cage. They try to escape with many failed attempts, but they finally escape and find out Bowser's plan. It was to use the Ztar to open a dimension where he can build an empire and use it to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach and Luigi get sucked into the portal and land in Bowser's dimension. There, they fight the Ztar, which after they "defeat" it, they later get locked up in the new tower with high security.

Mario and Yoshi make it into Bowser's Dimension, and defeat him in his new castle. However, right before Mario and Yoshi find Luigi and Peach, Bowser jumps back up in front of them, and uses the Ztar to power up. Mario and Yoshi defeat him once again, making him destroy the core, the only thing keeping the portal open. Mario, Yoshi, Peach and Luigi escape, and the portal disappears.

​Bad Ending

Bowser had multiple portals that opened up to his dimention, and Mario and Yoshi failed to close them. Bowser's minions and airship fleet come out and attack the kingdom. What happens to the heroes is unknown.

​Good Ending 

If Mario and Yoshi manage to close all the portals, Bowser comes out of the main exit on a highly damaged airship. The back side of it gets seperated due to the portal closing on it. The airship falls onto an island, where Baby Yoshis are eating. Bowser falls onto their favorite bush, and ends up getting chased by them.


The game is loosly based off of the classic Mario gameplay. However, there are new features, such as a buddy system with Mario and Yoshi. When - is pushed on the gamepad, Mario will ride on Yoshi, and the gameplay will be similar to Yoshi's Island. Yoshi can't use power ups, but some can affect his ability to spit out Koopa shells. For example, if Mario is Fire Mario, Yoshi would spit out fireballs instead of shells. Some power ups, however, either affect something else (such as how the Cape Feather allows Yoshi to fly) or don't at all.

Everytime you beat a world, which is most of the time a number of levels, a midboss and a world boss, Mario and Yoshi get a Star Key, which opens a lock in the book, guiding them to the next area. After that, an intermission with Luigi and Peach occurs, focusing on their escape from Sky Castle. They have their own abilities, including floating with Peach's parasol, and Luigi using his spin jump to reach higher places.

Some levels use gadgets that Mario and Yoshi can use, such as a jet ski and a Bullet Bill-like machine providing a shoot-em-up level. However, both are only seen twice in the game.


Playable Characters

Picture Name Bestiary Info
Marioandyoshimario Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! Looks like he is out foiling Bowser's plans again!
Marioandyoshisprite Yoshi Mario's best buddy. He is accompanying Mario on his journey!
Luggyluigi Luigi The lesser known brother who gets left behind a lot. This time, he is helping Princess Peach escape!
Justpeachy1 Peach The fair princess of the Mushroom Kingdom! She seems to have a reputation of being kidnapped a lot.


Picture Name World Bestiary Info
Mega wing spiny Mega Wing Spiny Tower 1, 3, 5, 7 He was once a regular Spiny, but thanks to Kamek, he's huge and grew wings! Flip him over to hit him!
Splashy blurp Splashy Blurp Tower 2, 4, 6, 7 He is a powered up Blurp who can create huge splashes! Kick him while he's out of the water!
The kamekeke Kamek Tower 8 Bowser's second-in-command, he is rather skilled in magic. You'll have to stun him if you want to land a hit!
Joonya Bowser Jr. Boss 1 The heir to the Koopa throne, he drives around in his personal kart, the Meanie. Watch for his fireballs!
Boomboomsmw Boom-Boom Boss 2 After being pummeled so many times, Boom-Boom has learned some new moves!
Kingrockroll King Rock-Roll Boss 3 The king of the Rock-Rolls, this stone creature's weak point is his head, protected by a crown.
Mr2 Mari-Robo Boss 4 The metallic doppelgänger of Mario, this robot throws bombs at you and shoots energy shots.
Dynamytebro Dynamite Bro. Boss 5 This Bro. rides a minecart and throws dynamite. Dodge it and use the enemy minecarts against him!
Superrenzor Woodrenzor Reznor Boss 6 These four Reznors breathe fire, but they all come back in a giant wood machine! Take them out!
Coliseum king Coliseum King Boss 7 He is the biggest, baddest and feircest gladiator of them all! Show him who's boss to get the star key!
Bowsersmw Bowser Boss 8 The King of the Koopas himself, Bowser! Defeat him in his Airship!
Bowserztar Bowser (Battle 2) Final Boss Bowser's powered up by the Ztar! Combine your abilities and defeat him once and for all!
Petey piper Petey Piranha Secret Boss The familiar plant from Isle Delfino. Use the Water Flower to defeat him!



Picture Mario's Form Name Effect
Fireflowz Firemariosmw Fire Flower Turns Mario into Fire Mario, who can shoot fireballs. He can also charge them for bigger fireballs. When Fire Mario is on Yoshi, enemies will be spit out as big fireballs that fly straight. 
Capingfeather Capemariosmw Cape Feather Turns Mario into Cape Mario, who can spin, decend slowly and fly, just like in Super Mario World. When Cape Mario is on Yoshi, he can fly and float.
Icyflowz Icemariosmw Ice Flower Turns Mario into Ice Mario, who can shoot balls of ice which can freeze most enemies. He can also skate on water, but only in certian conditions. When Ice Mario is on Yoshi, enemies will be spit out frozen.
Waterflowz Watermariosmw Water Flower Turns Mario into Water Mario, who can shoot waves of water that slides on the ground. Most enemies get stunned by this, if affected at all. However, some can only be defeated by this. Mario can also do a water dash in the air, which can make him reach higher places. On Yoshi, enemies get spit out as bubbles with coins.
Bombombom Bombmariosmw Bomb Mushroom Turns Mario into Bomb Mario, who can throw bombs similar to Lemmy Koopa's in New Super Mario Bros. U. They can bounce if they hit the ground, but after an amount of time, or if something touches them, they explode. They can also break blocks. No effect on Yoshi.
Dirllshroom Drillmariosmw Drill Mushroom Turns Mario into Drill Mario, who can use a drill attack, which can break blocks and defeat enemies. This can go only left and right. No effect on Yoshi.
Bouncyjump Hijumpmariosmw Hi-jump Mushroom Turns Mario into Hi-Jump Mario, who can charge and perform a high jump. He can also jump in midair. On Yoshi, he can perform a higher Flutter Jump.
Cheetahsapling Cheetahmariosmw Cheetah Sapling Turns Mario into Cheetah Mario, who can run faster, pounce and balance better on ropes. When Cheetah Mario is on Yoshi, Yoshi's speed increases.

​Other Items

Picture Name Effect
Mushroomy Mushroom Heals Mario's health by 1.
1upyayaya 1-up Mushroom Gives Mario an extra life.
Starshrooms Starshroom Doubles Mario's max health. If it's already doubled, it gives Mario an extra life.