I believe SMW deserves a real sequel (not countng SMW2: Yoshi's Island). So, if you believe so, too, sign your name below.


Sign like this {{User|USERNAME}}

Once we have 45 users sign, I will send it to Nintendo.
  1. SonicWiki (tbc) - Creator, duh.
  2. Uil Team (tbc) - I like this game, but why there is now so many petitions?
  3. Mick13 (tbc) - I'm not sure you could get 45 people to sign it, but I'll sign it anyway.
  4. McQueenMario (tbc) - Okay, sure.
  5. Micool26 (tbc)- I wish it could.
  6. YoshiEgg (tbc) - Awwwwww yeeeeeeah....
  7. EdGeorgenCody (tbc) - Per YE
  8. Yukimazan (tbc) - I have tons of ideas.
  9. Lemmykoopa24 (tbc) - SMWWii = FTW.
  10. 1337doom (tbc)
  11. 1337doom's Best Friend (tbc)
  12. Peanutjon (tbc) - No reason not to, anyway it's awesome. Will u sign for Yoshi's Block-Drop?
  13. khortonworld (tbc) - well there is no point not to. this would be awesome if it was real.
  14. ILoveLavoraKoopa229 (tbc) - ...Well, you've at least got another one and a half years to get another 63 users to sign, but I won't take chances like that. But how are you gonna help Nintendo get past the legal stuff?
  15. Holyromanemperortatan (tbc) - There needs to be a 2D game with more characters, more frequent use/less rarity of enemies (Bramballs, Missle Banzai Bills, Super Venus Fire Traps, etc.), and more Yoshi gameplay than NSMBW.
  16. MagitekX9000 (tbc) - This HAS to be made! I thought of a commercial, but I ditched it. Sorry! lulz
  17. Fire-Luigi (tbc) - It's a really good idea. This game would be superb !
  18. Number-1-Pokemon-Fan-Eltario (tbc) - Awesome game :)
  19. Animal Crossing Leader (tbc) - SMW is my favourite game of all time, this could be a great sequel.
  20. NicoL (tbc) - I totally agree.
  21. SanchezKid (tbc) - Oh Yeah ! I Love Super Mario World !
  22. TealYoshi (tbc)Mario #1 Super Mario World for Wii!!!!!
  23. Steverocks27 (tbc) I like this game!
  24. SpooksMaster88 (tbc) Agreed, SMW needs a real sequel (so does SMB3).
  25. Mariothemovie (tbc) - Yeah, but 25 people ain't gonna get us nowheres.
  26. Stelios7 (tbc) - Better late than never, Wii U anyone?
  27. Megamaster7941 (tbc) - If we could get this idea in to Nintendo, I see lots of potential for acceptance, and just like Yukimazan (tbc), I have a lot of ideas for an actual release. SMW Wii all the way!
  28. 10 Brave Kirbys (tbc)- No comment.....
  29. DohIMissed (tbc)- I agree!
  30. (Anonomous) I Sign!
  31. Master Clyde Super (tbc) - Might as well.

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