Image Name Type Description
180px-Goomba Goomba Basic The most basic enemies can be found in almost any terrain, desert, ice, grass, fort, waterside, etc..
Paragoomba NSMBDIY Paragoomba Basic They hop or fly. Another basic enemy to stomp on.
Terekuribo Terekuribo Undead Terekuribos are an undead Goomba found in Ghost Houses. They have earned a major redesign.
Gloomba Gloomba Grotto Gloombas are basically a Goomba that lurk underground. The only difference between them and normal Goombas are the colour.
Goomba's Shoe Goomba NSMBDIY Shoe Goomba Plains Goombas inside shoes that hop around. Mario can hijack the shoes to become Shoe Mario.
Pile Driver Micro Goomba Pile Driver Micro-Goomba Basic Micro Goombas that hide inside of Brick Blocks that hop around.
Spiky Goomba Spiky Goomba Basic Spiky Goombas are Goombas that wear spiked hats so Mario can't jump on them.
Goombarr Goombarr Valley A Goombarr is a species of Paragoomba that can spit out goop. They are a tough enemy that take 3 hits to defeat.
Goombo Goombo Basic Goombos are round Goombas. When you stomp on them, they flip over, then you have to stomp them again.
Winged Goombo Winged Goombo Airborne Goombos with wings. They act like a normal Paragoomba.
Balloomba Balloomba Special A balloon Goomba that is only available by hitting a Balloon Block.
Strolin'StuSMWWii Strollin' Stu Basic Strollin' Stus are enemies similar to Goombas. Some people even believe they are cousins to Goombas. These guys are just like Goombas, except when they see Mario, they chase him.
Soarin' Stu Soarin' Stu Airborne Flying Strollin' Stus are a pain. Although they just float around and can be used as a trampoline for Mario.
Smolderin' Stu Smolderin' Stu Volcanic Smolderin' Stus are Strollin' Stus on fire. Only Ice Mario, Penguin Mario, or Invincible Mario can defeat these.
200px-Koopa Koopa Troopa Basic The basic forces of the Koopa Troop are walking their way to their doom.
180px-Paratroopa Paratroopa Basic The airborne Koopas are back, hopping, flying, whatever, they are easy to kill.
BoombaTroopa Boomba Troopa Weaponry Boomba Troopas, also known as Nokobon Koopas, are a bombing species of the Koopa Troopa that, when stomped on, turn into Boomba Shells.
DarkKoopa Dark Koopa Grotto Dark Koopas are purple Koopa Troopas that lurk underground and in caves. Watch out for when they retreat into their shells and slide, because if you hit one, you get knocked out.
Copter KoopaSMWWii Copter Koopa Airborne Copter Koopas are a Koopa species that wish to be a Paratroopa, so they have proppellers to fly.
Koopaleon SMWWii Koopaleon Waterside Koopaleons are subspecies of Koopas. They can turn invisible for a short time, as well as ram into Mario & co. and attack them with their long tongues.
Makoop Makoop Jungle Paratroopas that reside in the jungle. No other differences.
ShyGuy Shy Guy Basic Shy Guys are a basic enemy. No one knows what is under that mask...
FlyGuy Fly Guy Airborne Fly Guys are the airborne versions of Shy Guys.
Anti Guy Anti Guy Horror Anti Guys are dark green Shy Guys that haunt houses and dark worlds.
SpearGuy Spear Guy Jungle Spear Guys are Shy Guys that have spears and charge at you with them.
N/A Snufit Undead ???
N/A Snifit Weaponry ???
Bandinero Bandinero Basic Wario's arch-enemies? Where's Wario? What could this mean?
NewPiranhaWii Piranha Plant Flora A plant that tries to eat Mario from pipes.
VenusFireTrap Venus Fire Trap Flora The fire-breathing Piranhas are back again.
Venus Ice Trap Venus Ice Trap Snowy Venus Ice Traps are Ice versions of Venus Fire Trap.
Wild Piranha Wild Piranha Flora A Wild Piranha is a purple, poisonous Piranha that chomps down with teir teeth.
PtooieSMWWii Ptooie Flora Ptooies are small Piranha Plants that spit out spiked balls. There is also a walking type.
Putrid Piranha Putrid Piranha Flora Putrid Piranhas are poisonous Piranha Plants that can poison Mario if you arn't careful.
ParaPiranha Para-Piraha Airborne Para-Piranhas are Ghost Piranha related creatures that spit out fireballs. They can only be defeated by a star, Yoshi's tongue, Meha Mario, or an ice ball.
Ghost Piranha NSMBDIY Ghost Piranha Undead Ghost Piranhas are undead Piranha Heads that fly up and down, facing down.
Nipper PlantSMWWii Nipper Plant Flora Nipper Plants are a type of plant that nip at Mario. They can only be defeated by a star, fireball, or Mega Mario.
Mucher Muncher Flora Munchers are indestructable Nipper Plants that can only be walked on by Invincible Mario, Mega Mario, Yoshi, and Shoe Mario.
Kritter Kritter Jungle Kritters are a critter from the Donkey Kong games. Watck out because they can swing on any hanging vine.
Kritjump Kritjump Jungle Kritjumps are blue, hopping Kritters that can smush Mario with just one hop!
KlaptrapOmega Klaptrap Jungle Klaptraps are a small critter that will bite Mario if you don't watch out!
Red Klaptrap Red Klaptrap Jungle Red Klaptraps are just another Klaptrap, but a different color. No major differences other than red ones will chase you.
Lakitu NSMBWii Lakitu Airborne These flying Koopas are returning with some new toss-ammo.
Dark Lakitu Dark Lakitu Airborne Dark Lakitus are a red shelled Lakitu that will toss down Sky Blue Spinies.
Pipe Lakitu Pipe Lakitu Beach Pipe Lakitus are Lakitus that hide in Warp Pipes and toss Spiny Egg at Mario & pals.
Thunder Lakitu Thunder Lakitu Thunder Thunder Lakitus are pink lakitus that throw balls of lightning instead of Spinies.
Spiny2 Spiny Plains These spiky Koopas are not really a threat, unless you touch their shell.
Sky-Blue Spiny Sky-Blue Spiny Grotto Sky-Blue Spinies are the Spiny thrown by Dark Lakitus. These guys are a tough enemy.
BuzzyBeetle Buzzy Beetle Grotto Buzzy Beetles are a Spiny-like creature that can crawl upside down.
Spike Top Spike Top Grotto Spike Tops are a red Buzzy Beetle that have a spike on their shell. They are like a Spiny-Buzzy Beetle cross.
Noko Bombette Boom Beetles Weaponry Boom Beetles, or Noko Bombettes, are a Buzzy Beetle version of the Boomba Troopa, or Nokobon.
Bony BeetleSMWWii Bony Beetle Undead Bony Beetles are dead Buzzy Beetles that can extend yellow spikes from their shell.
Para-Beetle Parabeetle Airborne Parabeetles are red, flying Buzzy Beetles that Mario can ride.
MontyMole Monty Mole Valley These moles are a surprise, so, watch out or they will POP!
Gunner Mole Gunner Mole Misc. Gunner Moles are a teal species of Monty Mole found inside all terrain. They sport red guns that shoot small, red, Bullet Bill-like bullets.
RockyWrench Rocky Wrench City Rocky Wrenches are Monty Mole-like creatures that sport blue glasses, hide underground, and throw wrenches at Mario. You have to ground pound the man-hole when they are showing.
Panser Panser Flora

These florecsent flowers will stop at nothing to burn Mario with their fire.

Some Pansers are found in Castles.

Pansice Pansice Snowy Pansice are the ice counterparts to Pansers. Watch out for the big versions.
Pansunder Pansunder Thunder

Pansunders are Pansers that have the element of Thunder. They send out lighting bolts.

Some Pansunders are found in Castles,Fortresses and Towers.

N/A Crayzee Dayzee Fort Daisies the reside in Forts ???
N/A Chilly Lilly Snowy ???
Spike NSMBWii Spike Plains The spike-ball throwing creatures will dominate.
SnowSpikeSMWWii Snow Spike Snowy Snow Spikes are a snow varient of the Spike enemy. They can throw snowballs that get bigger the more they roll.
Stone Spike NSMBDIY Stone Spike Grotto Stone Spikes are Blue Spikes that throw spiked rock balls straight down.
Burning Spike Burning Spike Volcanic Burning Spikes are red Spikes that have fire for hair and throw fire balls instead of spiked balls.
Clubba3D Clubba Jungle Clubbas are Spike-like creatures that wield spiked clubs.
BooNSMBWii Boo Undead Boos are a ghost enemy that will turn shy when Mario looks at them.
Big Boo NSMBDIY Big Boo Undead Big Boos are just pversized Boos. Except these bad boys talke 6 hits to defeat.
Pink Boo Pink Boo Undead Pink Boos are a pink variety of Boo which are a stronger, braver type.
Spook Spook Undead Spooks are a species of Boo that are invisible untill Mario gets close to them, then, BOO!
Booline Booline Undead Boolines are yet another Boo sub-species. They aren't as shy as when Mario looks at them, they approach faster.
Dark Boo NSMBDIY Dark Boo Undead Dark Boos are purple Boos that will randomly disappear and reappear.
BroozerOmega Broozer Undead Broozers are ghosts with boxing gloves that try to whack Mario with them.
EerieSMWWii Eerie Undead Eeries are undead floating creatures that seem to be a cross between a Boo, a Yoshi, and a Spike.
Bumpty Bumpty Snowy Bumpties are blue penguins that bump Mario, but strangeley don't hurt him.
Cooligan Cooligan Snowy Cooligans are blue sliding penguins with shades that can trip Mario. Stomp then twice to defeat them.
120px-MP8 HammerBrother Hammer Bro. Misc. This Koopa throws hammers to Mario. They can be stomped on to be stopped.
FireBro Fire Bro. Misc. Fire Bros. are a red, fire spitting Koopa Troopa Watch out for incoming fire balls!
BoomerangBro Boomerang Bro. Misc. Boomerang Bros. are a blue, boomerang throwing Koopa. Watch out when they throw boomerangs, because sometimes more than one are thrown.
IceBro Ice Bro. Misc. Ice Bros. are a cyan, ice spitting Koopa. When they pull back, they will spit out a barrage of ice balls.
AmazingFlyingHammerBro. Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro. Misc. The blue bros. from back in the day. These guys toss hammers from either side, and they can move around freely, so watch out.
Bomber Bro. Bomber Bro. Misc. Bomber Bros. toss bombs around the field. One stomp will take down this dirty bomber.
ThunderBro Thunder Bro.


A yellow Hammer Bro. that tosses thunder balls.
BallBro Ball Bro. Misc. An orange Hammer Bro. that tosses balls.
ShurikenBro Shuriken Bro. Misc. A pink Hammer Bro. that tosses shurikens.
VortexBro Vortex Bro. Misc. A purple Hammer Bro. that creates vortexes.
BoneBro. Bone Bro. Misc. Hammer Bros. that throw bones. Although tossing bones, they are still alive.
SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro. Misc. A huge Hamer Bro. species that toss Sledgehammers. When they jump, Mario will be stunned if he is on the ground.
Sumo Bro. Sumo Bro. Misc. Sumo bros. are large Hammer Bro. sub-species that stomp on blocks and send down bolts of lightning.
BillBlaster Bill Blaster Weaponry Shoots Bullet Bills at Mario when not close. Imortal enemies.
BulletBillWii Bullet Bill Weaponry Bullet Bills are a fast-moving enemy that can trample Mario in seconds.
Bombshell Bill Blaster Bombshell Bill Blaster Weaponry Shoots a stronger Bullet called a Bombshell Bill that will lock on to Mario.
Bombshell Bill Bombshell Bill Weaponry Bombshell Bills are a Bullet Bill that will lock on to Mario and chase him untill they hit something.
Soldier Bill Soldier Bill Weaponry Soldier Bills are shot from the cannon Soldier Blooper holds. They are small, green Bullet Bills.
Missile Bill Missile Bill Weaponry Missile Bills are a dark purple Bullet that will stock Mario, and if it hits something-KABOOM!
BonzaiBillSMWWii Banzai Bill Weaponry Banzai Bills are giant Bullet Bills that can defeat you with one single hit.
Bombshell Banzai Bill Bombshell Banzai Bills Weaponry Banzai Bills that drop Super Stars when defeated.
King Bill by AnthoFlex2 King Bill Weaponry King Bills are huge Bonzai Bills that's eyes follow Mario.
Bombshell King Bill Bombshell King Bill Weaponry The strongest enemy in the game. It'll take more then one stomp to defeat this guy.
Cheep-Cheep Cheep-Cheep Waterside Fish are not evil, or are they? Cheep-Cheeps are the evil fish from down-under.
Deep-Cheep Deep-Cheep Underwater Deep-Cheeps are a sub-species of Cheep-Cheep that will chase Mario when he nears them.
Bleep-Cheep Bleep-Cheep Underwater Bleep-Cheeps are a Cheep-Cheep species that hide in Warp Pipe, much like Bloopers, and Blast out when Mario Nears them.
BlooperMP8 Blooper Underwater These ink-squirting foes will chase Mario to his dooms.
BlooperNanny Blooper Nanny Underwater Blooper Nannies are a Blooper mom with her little Blooper babies that will try to swim away from Mario when he gets close.
Camo Bloop Camo Blooper Waterside The henchmen of Soldier Blooper that float above land. If they are spotted in their camo, they flee to another camoflauged spot.
Redloop Redloop Waterside These Bloopers are a volcanic species that pop up from lave and march around volcanic areas.
Squito Blooper NSMBDIY Squirto Blooper Underwater Squirto Bloopers are Bloopers that squirt out water instead of ink.
Porcu-Puffer Porcu-Puffer Waterside Porcu-Puffers are spiky, blue fish that hop out of the water freely and can seriously harm Mario.
Creep-Cheep Creep-Cheep Waterside Creep-Cheeps are giant Cheep-Cheeps that act the same as Deep-Cheeps, except these guys are faster.
Urchin SMWWii Urchin Underwater These spiny enemies can be a real hazard underwater!
Thwomp2 Thwomp Misc. They try to stomp Mario. They are immortal, unless you have a star!
Boiling Thwomp Boiling Thwomp Volcanic A red Thwomp that hangs around lava locations. If Mario tries to jump on it to use it as a platform, he will get burned.
Frozen Thwomp Frozen Thwomp Snowy A frozen Thwomp that hangs around snowy levels. When Mario jumps on him to use it as a platform, he will slip around.
Whompin Whomp Misc. Whomps are living stone bricks that can crush Mario by falling on him.
Blue Steel Whomp Blue Steel Whomp Desert Blue Whomps that reside in the desert. They are much stronger too.
ToxBox Tox Box Fort Tox Boxes are big, stone blocks that have an open side. They try to topple Mario so the open side is his only safe bet.
DRY Dry Bones Undead The undead Koopas are walking around to kill Mario.
Dead Bones Dead Bones Undead Dead Bones are a species of Dry Bones that can run fast, and have strong dark and fire attacks.
DrySkull Dry Skull Undead Dry Skulls are the head of Dry Bones. They can reconnect to any lying Dry Bones' body.
ParabonesSMWWii Parabones Undead Parabones are flying Dry Bones. When they are stomped, they don't lose their wings, unlike Paratroopas.
Tornabones Tornabones Undead Dry Bones heads that are attached to tornadoes. They can suck Mario into the tornado.
Splunkin Splunkin Horror Splunkins are a pumpkin enemy that is similar to a Goomba.
Hauntin Hauntin Horror Hauntins are Splunkin-like creatures with bodies that skip around, but when they see Mario, they dash at him.
Mr. ISMWWii Mr. I Horror Big eyes that look at Mario and shoot white bubbles at Mario.
CrowberOmega Crowber Horror Crowbers are big, purple birds that hang around Ghost Houses. They can make a "U"-turn to attack Mario.
Crowblaze Crowblaze Volcanic Crowblazes are red Crowbers that, instead of making "U"-turns, drop fire balls.
Groundhawk Groundhawk Horror A big grey bird that pecks the ground infront of it and creates holes so Mario wil fall in and lose a life.
Mr Blizzard Mr. Blizzard Snowy Mr. Blizzards are snowmen that toss snowballs at Mario.
Shroob3D Shroob Galactic Shroobs are an alienoid race of living mushrooms making their first platformer appearence. They have formed an allience with the Lunes.
Chomp Chain Chomp Misc. Chain Chomps are metalic creatures that can slice you into peaces with thier metal, razor-sharp teeth.
Chomp Head Chomp Head Misc. Chomp Heads are the undead rolling heads of Chain Chomps.
Red Chomp3D Red Chomp Misc. Red Chomps are a sub-species of Chain Chomps. They are a stronger species with a longer chain, which means they can reach farther.
Fire ChompSMWWii Fire Chomp Misc. Fire Chomps are big, pale red chomps with fireballs on the end.
Bob-omb walking Bob-Omb Weaponry Bob-Ombs are explosive enemies, the bombers of the Koopa Troop.
Mountain Bomb Mountain Bomb Weaponry Mountain Bombs are stronger Bob-Ombs that reside in the mountains.
Foo2 Foo Airborne Foos are clouds similar to Swooshes, except Foos only blow fog.
Fwoosh Fwoosh Airborne Fwooshes are a cloud enemy that will try to blow Mario off an edge. Be careful when around a Fwoosh.
RuffPuff3D Ruff Puff Airborne Ruff Puffs are orange clouds that charge at the player. When they turn yellow, they will shoot out electric balls.
Lune Lune Galactic Lune are a species of moon enemies from Outer Space that have formed an alliance with the Shroobs.
PodobooOmega Podoboo Volcanic Podoboos are living fire balls that jump out of lava pits. If you hit one, you'd better have a First Aid Kit with ya!
EmberSMWWii Ember Snowy Embers are related to Podoboos except they are blue and they float in the air and chase after you.
Hothead SMWWii Hothead Volcanic Fiery enemies that usually act as platform obstacles for Mario & co.
Zorzflame3d Zorz Flame Volcanic Zorz Flames are flames that are living. They come off of fire balls.
FireBar Fire Bar Volcanic ??????????????????????
Roto-Discs Roto-Discs Misc. Two balls rotating around a small circle. They are avoided easier than Fire Bars.
Angry SunSMWWii Angry Sun Desert A huge sun that stalks Mario to the flagpost. Only Invincible Mario can get rid of it...for 10 seconds.
Electrogoomba Electrogoomba Galactic A projectile-shooting creature that comes from deep space.
Swoopin' PoinkSMWWii Swoopin' Poink Galactic Swoopin' Poinks are creatures that latch on to a person and suck their health.
Primareez Primareez Horror Enemies that hover over the ground and come in four different colors. Touching Mario & pals will give them a status ailment depending on the color, burn for red, slow for blue, poison for green, and shock for yellow. You can only defeat them with a fire/ice ball or a Star.
CrystalBitz Crystal Bit Snowy Crystal Bits are a spherical creatures similar to Primareez. When Mario touches them, he gets frozen in an ice block.
Wiggler Walking Wiggler Jungle Wigglers are caterpillar-like foes. When Mario & co. stomps on them, their bodies change color. Don't step on their heads, though, because they'll go on an angry rampage!
Vinegaull Vine-Gaull Jungle Vine-Gauls are green, vine-swinging balls that will swipe Mario ith their feet.
Pokey Pokey Desert Pokeys are living, stacked up spine balls that march around.
Poison Pokey NSMBDIY Poison Pokey Desert Poison Pokeys are green Pokeys that can poison Mario.
SeedyPodSMWii Seedy Pod Desert Seedy Pods are blue Pokey Heads that shoot out small bullet-like seeds.
N/A Cactice Flora ???
Fuzzy3D Fuzzy Basic Fuzzies are black creatures that always yell "MEEEORK!".
UkikiSMWWii Ukiki Jungle Ukikis are monkeys that try to hurt Mario.
Blukiki Blukiki Jungle Blukikis are blue Ukikis that are stronger and take 3 hits to defeat.
Tap-Tap Tap-Tap Basic These spiky enemies will try to hurt Mario. Jumping won't kill them, but fireballs, hammers, ice balls, and other Power-Ups should do it.
Bowser StatueSMWWii Bowser Statue Fort Bowser Statues are statues of Bowser that spit out fireballs. Zorz Flames fall off of these fireballs.
PhantoSMWWii Phanto Horror Phantos are red and white masks that guard either keys, other items, or enemies.
Naughty Note Naughty Note Dark A Naughty Note is a living eighth from music notes. They send out a red laser beam from their eyes.
Magikoopa Card Magikoopa


Magikoopas are Koopa Troopas wearing cloaks and glasses and know magic.
Magithunder Magithunder Thunder Magithunders are Magikoopas that, instead of casting magic, cast thunder spells.
Mecha-Koopa Mecha-Koopa Robotic Mecha-Koopas are mechanical Koopas appearing in airships and factorys.
Paramecha-Koopa NSMBDIY Paramecha-Koopa Robotic Paramecha-Koopas are flying Mecha-Koopas that have propellers.
Ballbit Ballbit Desert An enemy similar to the balls Ball Bros. throw, except these guys roll and bounce on their own, can switch direction, and will not roll of cliffs.

More coming soon.