Image Name Type Description Power-Up Item Item's Rarity Score
SmallMario Small Mario Tiny This is Mario's weakest form, and the one he starts in. None N/A 0
SuperMario Super Mario Normal Mario's actuall size. Now he can destroy Brick Blocks. Super Mushroom Common 0
Firemario Fire Mario Ability Mario can shoot Fireballs with this Power-Up. Fire Flower Common 0
Ice Mario Ice Mario Ability Mario can shoot ice balls with this Power-Up. Ice Flower Common 0
ThunderMario Thunder Mario Ability Mario can shoot thunder balls with this Power-Up. Thunder Flower Common 0
Bone Mario Bone Mario Ability Mario can throw bones with this Power-Up. Bone Flower Uncommon 0
Starmanmario Invincible Mario Temporary Mario will defeat any enemy when hitting one. He is also much faster. Super Star Rare 0
MiniMario Mini Mario Tiny Mario's tiny size. He can crawl into miniature Pipes. Mini Mushroom Uncommon 0
Penguin Mario Penguin Mario Suit Mario can shoot Ice balls. He also can slide on his belly and can swim better. Penguin Suit Rare 0
ShellMario Shell Mario Ability Mario can act like a Koopa Shell and even defeat enemies by the crouching. Blue Shell Uncommon 0
MarioPropella Propeller Mario Ability Mario can propel up in the sky to get to high places. Propeller Mushroom Common 0
BulletMario Bullet Mario Suit Mario dashes across the screen like a Bullet Bill. Bullet Suit Rare 0
HammerMario Hammer Mario Suit Mario can throw hammers, and is immune to most Fireballs. Hammer Suit Rare 0
BoomerangMarioFlipped Boomerang Mario Suit Mario can throw boomerangs, and is immune to most fireballs. Boomerang Suit Rare 0
Bomber Mario Bomber Mario Suit Mario can throw Bombs, and is immune to most Fireballs. Bomb Suit Rare 0
Cloud MarioSMWWii Cloud Mario Ability Mario can make cloud platforms appear where-ever he walks. Cloud Flower Uncommon 0
RaccoonMarioSMWWii Raccoon Mario Ability Mario can fly and defeat enemies with his tail. Super Leaf Common 1
P-WingRaccoonMario Raccoon Mario with a P-Wing Ability Mario has the same effects as Raccoon Mario, except with unlimited flying. P-Wing Rare 1
Tanooki MarioSMWWii Tanooki Mario Suit Mario can fly and can turn into Statue Mario to confuse enemies. Tanooki Suit Rare 99
Cape MarioSMWWii Cape Mario Ability Mario can float a through levels and defeat spiky enemies by spinning around them. Cape Feather Uncommon 0
Goomba's Shoe Mario NSMBDIY Shoe Mario Suit Mario can hop around, is almost invincible, and can defeat almost any enemy. Goomba's Shoe Rare 99
Ball Mario Ball Mario Ability Mario turns into a bowling ball and can roll around]] Super Ball Rare 0
Flying MarioSMWWii Flying Mario Ability Mario can fly around for an unlimited amount of time. Only available in one level. Red Star Ultra Rare 0
Flat Mario Flat Mario Ability Mario is very skinny and can slide through waffle sized gaps. Flat Mushroom Rare 0
Flying Squirrel Mario Suit Mario can glide and cling to walls. Super Acorn Uncommon