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Oh, lookie-a here! Are you-a looking for the Guide-a? Well, it's-a down below-a! Lets-a go!



World 1 Bosses: Fortress-Bowser Jr. Castle-Boom Boom

World 2 Bosses: Fortress-Bowser Jr. Castle-Army hammer bro.

World 3 Bosses: Fortress-Bowser Jr. Castle-Icy Dino Piranha

World 4 Bosses: Fortress-Bowser Jr. Castle-King Puffer

World 5 Bosses: Fortress-Bowser Jr. Castle-Chain Chomp and Toxiki

World 6 Bosses: Fortress-Bowser Jr. Castle-Mountain Piranha

World 7 Bosses: Fortress-Demon Skull Castle-Shroob Sejin

World 8 Bosses: Fortress-Bowser Jr. Castle: Huff 'n Puff

World 9 Bosses: Fortress-Kammy Koopa Castle-Bowser Jr.

World 10 Bosses: Fortress-Kamek, Bowser Jr. Castle-Bowser

World 11 Bosses: Fortress-Rainbow Bowser Jr. Castle-Goomboss

World 12 Bosses: Fortress-Bowser Jr. Castle-Soldier Blooper

World 13 Bosses: Fortress-Rex Group Castle-Mega Rex

Dojo Bosses: Castle/Fortress-Jinx

You will quickly figure out how to defeat each boss as you play.

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