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Super Mario World: Deluxe Edition
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems, PumpkIn Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii Deluxe
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s)
April 1st 2019
Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Co-Op, Time Battle, Minigames, Coin Rush, Battle
Age Rating(s)
Rated E by the ESRB
Super Mario World: Deluxe Edition is a game being developed for the Wii Deluxe, it is said to come out sometime in April 2019. In July 10th 2014 it was confirmed to come out in April 1st 2019. Newcomer to Nintendo PumpkIn games, has helped make the game. It is a 2D Platformer much like Super Mario World.

It is said to have somewhere near 10-20 modes, with only 7 being confirmed so far. A demo of level 1 was released at E3 2014 on the WiiU with very major differences of what we've seen from screenshots.


Despite there only being 7 modes, all of them have been playable in the E3 Demo of level 1. With Singleplayer and Multiplayer playing the same while Co-Op and Minigames play differently.


In Co-Op, 2 players pair up using Wi-Fi and choose one of these modes: Time Battle, Coin Rush, Battle. In Time Battle, you're thrown into one of 10 currently playable Co-Op levels and forced to finish it before time runs out.

For Battle, you're thrown into a arena full of lava and granted 2 free yoshi's, 2 free Fire Flowers, and 2 free Stars. Unlike normal gameplay, you can harm players with the power ups, Stars are a 1 hit KO and Yoshi's are used to throw them into the lava. It is declared a tie if its been 3 minutes and nobody has died and a win if your opponent fell into the lava or got killed by a star/fire flower.

In Coin Rush, 100 coins are scattered through-out 20 playable levels. The first player to find more then 50 wins, both players win if 10 minutes end or if all coins get collected. Like Battle, there are 0 enemies besides some occasional Goombas trying to get in your way.


There have been 10 confirmed minigames. One is called Race! And plays like Time Battle from Co-Op, except there can be more then 2 players *Up to 10* and the first person to reach the flagpole wins. There's also no time limit granting all players plenty of time to win.

Another minigame is called Swim! And you have to swim across a randomly chosen Water Level (With only 5 being playable) each with increasing difficulty. Whoever beats 3 water levels wins.

The other 8 minigames are not playable, but have the following names: Goomba Stomp! Bowser's Fortress! Koopa Troopa Skies! Coin Diving! Sky-High Clown Cars! Boo's Haunted Cards! And 2 boss minigames from Mario Party DS.

Multiplayer and Singleplayer

In these modes, you either play with a friend or by yourself to complete the whole game. So far there's only 1 level to try and beat called Frenzy Plains. Much like Super Mario 3D World, whoever gets the biggest score gets a crown.


World 1

Level 1: Green Field


Super Mario World: Deluxe Edition
Full Name Mario
Current Age 33
Date of Birth 1981
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Donkey Kong
Latest Appearance Super Mario 3D World


The main character (Look to your right) Mario. This hero may not be that strong, but his jump can pack a punch! His enemies are Bowser and his troops, as well as some others.


Some of the most common enemies Mario has to face. These appear in most of the levels of Super Mario World: Deluxe Edition. They also fight alongside Galoomba's in World 3-6.


These (from Super Mario World) Are another type of Goomba. They have to be thrown into a enemy or jumped on and held up to be acted as a extra hit when enemies hit you. (Instead killing the Galoomba). These appear in World 3-6.

Koopa Troopa

Another one of the most common enemies Mario has to face. These appear in every single level of Super Mario World: Deluxe Edition (Yes even underwater!). They take 2 hits to take down.


This Dinosaur straight from Dinosaur Land gives you a ride when you save him from his egg. He can instantly eat enemies and depending on the type of koopa, gain a new type of ability.

Power ups

There are several Power ups in the game so far.


One of the first Power ups to be in Mario, these give you a 2nd hit and also are required to use Spin Jump's on Rotating Blocks.

Fire Flower

These are also one of the first Power ups to be in the Mario, these give you a 2nd hit like the Mushroom but also allow you to shoot fire, burning (and sometimes instantly killing) enemies.


Another one of the first Power ups, this makes Mario invincible for a limited amount of time and instantly kills any enemies with it. While invincible to enemies, you can still die from Lava.

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