Super Mario World: A New Adventure is a SMW hack made by Super-Yoshi. Not much is known about it now, but the demo of the hack will be posted right here.


A link to the demo will be posted here....once im done with it.

Help Setting It Up

  • Download the latest version of ZSNES here (Currently 1.51)
  • Look here for this EXACT name (No matter where you are) : Super Mario World (U) [!].zip and download it
  • When my hack comes out, download that XP
  • Get Lunar IPS here
  • Now, save my hack and Super Mario World (U) [!] on your desktop.
  • Unzip Super Mario World (U) [!] and put it on your desktop.
  • Run Lunar IPS, click Apply Patch and patch my IPS to Super Mario World (U) [!]
  • You should be good to go! Now, run ZSNES, click GAME, then LOAD, and now click the two dots until you cant go no farther, then click USERS, then your account name (eg: C:\Users\Super-Yoshi) and then click Desktop on the RIGHT side of the panel. You should see Super Mario World on the Left side if you did it correctly. Double click the .smc one, and not the .zip one. If you need to know your controls, Press ESC, go to CONFIG, then Input #1. You can change it from there too. Have fun :P

Worlds = What They Changed Too:

  • Yoshi's Island = Goomba's Paradise
  • Donut Land = Koopa's Garden
  • All other worlds are the same at the moment.

Overworld + Title Screen Note

I won't be working on these until I've got my levels finished.


Completed means it's 100% finished.
In Progress means i'm working on it.
N/A means i'm not working on it right now.
* means that this level might be replaced or renamed.

Goomba's Paradise

Goomba's Paradise 1 - Completed
Goomba's Paradise 2 - Completed
Goomba's Paradise 3 - In Progress
Goomba's Paradise 4 - N/A
Yellow Switch Palace - N/A
Iggy's Castle - N/A

Koopa's Garden

Koopa's Garden 1 - N/A
Koopa's Garden 2 - N/A
Koopa's Garden 3 - N/A
Koopa's Garden 4 - N/A
Koopa's Secret 1 - N/A
Koopa's Secret 2 - N/A
Green Switch Palace - N/A
Star Road - N/A
Pipe #1 * - N/A
Pipe #2 * - N/A
2 Ghost Houses * - N/A

More to come soon.


Post anything here :P.

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