Super Mario Wii is a game for the Wii, It is a more updated version of the DS and N64 versions.

Playable Characters

  • Yoshi - Available from Start




All the Original Missions, Plus Super Mario 64 DS, are the same.

  1. Bob-omb Battlefield
  2. Whomp's Fortress
  3. Jolly Roger Bay
  4. Cool, Cool Mountain
  5. Big Boo's Haunt
  6. Hazy Maze Cave
  7. Lethal Lava Land
  8. Shifting Sand Land
  9. Dire, Dire Docks
  10. Snowman's Land
  11. Wet-Dry World
  12. Tall Tall Mountain
  13. Tiny-Huge Island
  14. Tick Tock Clock
  15. Rainbow Ride


1. Robot Rodeo

2. Cheep Cheep River

3. Mystery Forest


The Princess's Secret Slide

The Secret Aquarium

Tower of the Wing Cap

Vanish Cap Under the Moat

Cavern of the Metal Cap

Wing Mario Over the Rainbow



King Bob-omb - Bob-omb Battlefield

Chain Chomp - Bob-omb Battlefield

King Whomp - Whomp Fortress

Bowser (1) and the Koopalings (Minus Troy) - The Dark World

Big Bully - Lethal Lava Land (Twice)

Eyerok - Shifting Sand Land

Big Boo - Big Boo's Haunt

Big Mr. I - Big Boo's Haunt

Bowser (2) and Bowser Jr. - The Fire Sea

Chill Bully - Snowman's Land

Wiggler - Tiny Huge Island

Bowser (Final) - The Sky (Final Boss)

Character Freeing Bosses

New Bosses

  • Kamek - Cheep Cheep River


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