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SMWaveRider Logo

The logo.

Super Mario Wave Rider is a Mario surfing game using the Wii Balance Board. It came out in the US on August 12 2008, Japan on August 28 2008, and in Europe on October 2 2008. The ESRB rated it E10+, PEGI rated it 3+, and CERO rated it A. The game is developed by UniSoft in cooperation with Nintendo. Development begone almost directly after the Wii Balance Board came out, and there where rumors of a Mario surfing game, for a while before it was announced.


The first of its kind, a Surfing/Racing Race game utilizing the Wii Balance Board, making it a very realistic gameplay. After wining a race you get money that can be used to buy things in the shop.


  • Tilt left - Go left
  • Tilt right - Go right
  • Tilt back - Slow down
  • Tilt forwards - Lean forwards
  • Wii Remote - Help balance (Used for hand-gestures in Team Race Mode.), its also used for tricks


Story Mode

Trial Mode Only


Each stage will be listed in the order you go to them in story mode.

Yuzu Beach

A small course by the shore, very simple not many obstacles or ramps. In story mode the course is played at mid-day. There are wigglers on the shore that try to get you when you come close to it, however if you lead them to far in the water they will get stuck there, as they can't swim,and will just float there, and can be used as a ramp.

Obelisk Island

A larger course, around an island with three large towers on it. If you get to close to them they will fall on you there are several ramps that lead onto a large water-way on the island that can be a short cut, or a long cut. It is much harder then the previous course(After this the game gets harder), with many more traps around.

Ricco Harbor

A large course through a crowded harbor. There are several ramps that can help you get over some large obstacles. Gooper Blooper occasionally appears and puts ink in the water, which makes it harder to turn. Dolphins also constantly jump out of the water and try to hit the racers.


  • Red Streak
    • Power: 3
    • Balance: 3
    • Air: 3
  • Green Thunder
    • Power: 3
    • Balance: 2
    • Air: 4
  • Golden Nibble
    • Power: 4
    • Balance: 4
    • Air: 2
  • Swift Shadow
    • Power: 2
    • Balance: 4
    • Air: 5
  • Shroomer
    • Power: 3
    • Balance: 5
    • Air: 2
  • Pink Flower
    • Power: 2
    • Balance: 3
    • Air: 5
  • Yew Wonder
    • Power: 5
    • Balance: 5
    • Air: 2
  • Big Egg
    • Power: 5
    • Balance: 1
    • Air: 3

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