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Super Mario Wars is a game created by Flaming Return Inc.. It will release for the Nintendo Wii.


It was a hot summer day when all of a sudden Bowser flew in, in his Koopa Clown Car. He threw one of his many Bob-Ombs at Mario's house! In seconds, Mario's house was history. On his journey, Mario took a stache of Bob-Ombs and when he got to Bowser's Castle he would blow it up.





Red Toad is a Helper in this game.

-Red Toad


-Toad Bridgade Capitain



and more...


Worlds and Bosses

Mushroom Kingdom

  • 1, Mushroom Plains - Bowser
  • 2, Gusty Desert - Mummipokey
  • 3, Rocky Mushroom Mountains - King Whomp
  • 4, Haunted Graveyards - King Boo
  • 5, Armored Fortress - Anti-Mario
  • 6, Techno-City - Mecha-Mario
  • 7, Deep Cheep Sea - Cheepskipper
  • 8, Lava Path - Gargantua Blargg

The Land of Faillow

  • 1, Rainbow Tower - Rainbowser
  • 2, Diamond Hill - Diamond Chain Chomp
  • 3, Big Blooper's Bridge - Big Blooper
  • 4, Gold Mine - Miner Mole
  • 5, Scuttle Bug Cavern - Spider Piranha
  • 6, Giant's Foot - Mega Goomba
  • 7, Tall Tilted Tree - Whispy Woods
  • 8, Bowser Courtyards - Giant Bowser


Power Ups

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