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Super Mario Wacky Worlds: Wii U (or simply SMWW: WU) is a sequel to CD-i's cancelled game Super Mario's Wacky Worlds. Is a upcoming game to be released in 2013. New features is:

  • All levels have bosses
  • Water Balloon Mario (obtained by Ballon Leaf)
  • Yeti Mario (obtained by Yeti Mushroom)
  • Fire Raccoon Mario (obtained by Fire Leaf)
  • Ice Raccoon Mario (obtained by Ice Leaf)
  • Thunder Raccoon Mario (obtained by Thunder Leaf)
  • Egyptian Mario (obtained by Egyptian Suit)
  • Cod Mario (obtained by Cod Mushroom)

Confirmed Characters:


Confirmed Worlds, Levels and Bosses:

Mushroom Kingdom

1-1: Luigi - Luigi, the mario brother is brainwashed by Bowser. Now, you defeat the Mario Bro.

1-2: Gloomboss - Goomboss, the king of Goombas, gained the Gloomba version. He's the King of Gloombas.

1-3: Joey the Koopa Paratroopa - Joey, Is a Blue Shelled paratroopa with black shoes. He's make winds to blow Mario

1-4: Bowser: The eternal enemy of Mario. Defeat this king of Koopa

1-5: Boom-Boom: Boom-Boom, The mario's enemy in SMB3 is returned.

1-6: Kluster the Para-Beetle: Kluster is a Spiked Black Parabeetle that spits fires.

1-7: Pipiranha: Pipiranha is a Blue piranha that squirts water from his mouth.

1-8: The Koopalings: The seven original koopalings returns, with bowser jr., the three koopa kids (Red, Green and Blue) and the fanon Koopalings

Pokey Desert

2-1: Mummipekey: Mummipokey is a mummified pokey from NSMB.

2-2: Sand Bro: A sand-throwing Hammer Bro.

2-3: King Tut: King Tut is a Tutankhamon-disguised Koopa from MPL (Mario Pinball Land)

2-4: Tutanpetey: is Petey Piranha disguised as Tutankhamon

2-5: Pharaoh Boo: The emperor of Egyptian Boos.

2-6: King Sandaqua: The king of Sandaquas (A wet sand-monster that lives in water or flooded places.

2-7: Wet Bowser - The king of Wet Bones, a light blue dry bones, that uses googles and live in water.

2-8: Sandosaur - A sand-covered T-Rex. He is spits sand balls.


BeanBean Kingdom

Shroob Kingdom












Ice Mountain

Neon City


Land o' Plaid




Chemistry Lab

Lowser's Castle

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