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This is a UML Inc. game made by Ultramariologan.
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Super Mario Volleyball is a volleyball game featuring Mario characters. It is a game by UML Inc. and it is for the Wii. The release date was on one month after Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Playable Characters

Image Name Bio Special Shot How to Unlock
Marioo Mario He's the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and he is finally ready to play Volleyball! Red Fire Shot - The Volleyball burns when Mario is about to hit it, and when Mario hits the Volleyball, it almost touches the ceiling, but when it's close to the ceiling, it goes down to the other side and if someone touches it when the person is in mid-air, the person burns and goes to the person behind the other person. He's already unlocked
215px-LuigipartyDS Luigi He likes it when he plays Volleyball with the good guys. He's not pretty scared of playing Volleyball at all! Green Fire Shot - It's like Mario's, but when the Volleyball burns, it turns green instead of red. He's already unlocked