These are beta elements for Super Mario Virtue.


In the concept art of the game, Princess Rosalina, Princess Daisy and Toad were shown as heroes. The characters were cut because of the fact that the characters don't have many virtues. When the characters were scrapped, they got replaced by Yoshi and Birdo, who still didn't have many virtues.


There are many elements cut from the game that were in the concept art. Here is a list of all the neta elements.

  • Bowser was going to be the main villain. Scrapped infavour of him being a hero.
  • The game's beta title was Nintendo Powers, which was later changed to Nintendo Virtues, and finally changed to Super Mario Virtue. Scrapped becuase many Nintendo characters sisn't have a great virtue that stood out.
  • The game's beta slogan was This fall: Darkness will shroud a kingdom, like a cloak. This was changed due to the popular "one word" slogans, which later became: This fall: Darkness.
  • Many power-ups were scrapped.
    • The Hover Shroom was able to give the user the ability to fly.
    • The Penguin Suit was set to reappear, but was changed.
    • A Shy Guy was seen coming out of a ? Block in concept art.
    • A Whimp (Super Mario Galaxy 2) was seen coming out of a ? Block in conceot art.
    • In concept art, a power-up that looked alot like a Chaos Emerald was seen being held by Peach.
  • In the beta, there was a level set on Isle Delfino, where Shadow Mario and a new character were seen painting the town. It was also shown that Peach, Rosalina and Daisy all were to wear their bikinis in this level.
  • A Whomp appeared alongside a new enemy in a world looking like the Comet Observatory. Both enemies were scrapped.
  • Professor E. Gadd was set to replace Marlon.
  • Boo was seen using an inhale move, much like Kirby's.

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