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Super Mario VR is a game by Popple Co.


  • Mario - The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, player 1 controls him.
  • Luigi - Mario's cowardly brother, Player 2 controls him.
  • Wario - Mario's rival and sometimes ally, Player 3 controls him.
  • Waluigi - Luigi's rival and sometimes ally, Player 4 Controls him.
  • Princess Peach - The princess of the mushroom kingdom is the damsel in distress.
  • Bowser - The main villain, he captures Princess Peach and transfers the players into The Bros.
  • Toad - Peach's servants, appear as helpers.
  • Bob-omb Buddy - Bob-ombs who help Mario, will give Mario hints.
  • Wiggler - A wiggler who only appears in Humoungous Fungus Forest.


  • Peach's Castle: Main Hub
  • Bombshell Battlefield - A battlefield inhabited by Bombshell Bills and Bob-omb Buddies, Boss(es): Bombshell Barry, Chain Chomp.
  • Thwomp's Mountain - A mountain inhabited by Thwomps, Whomps, Piranha Plants, and a Bob-omb Buddy.Boss(es): Thwump.
  • Pirate Bay - A bay inhabited by Bloopers and Swoopers, and a Toad. Boss(es): Patch the Blooper Pirate, Unagi.
  • Freezy Cheesy Mountain - A mountain inhabited by Tap-Taps and Bumpties, and two Bob-omb Buddies. Bosses: Bumpty King.
  • Boo's Mansion - A mansion inhabited by Boos, Pink Boos, Dark Boos and Dry Bones. No allies are here. Bosses: King Boo and Boolossus.
  • Goomba Cave - A cave inhabited by Goombas, Koopas and Buzzy Beetles. A bob-omb buddy is here. Bosses: Buzzy King
  • Bowser in The Matter World - An area inhabited by Bowser. Boss: Bowser (1)
  • Humungous Fungus Forest - A forest witth many twists and turns, Copter Koopas and Shy Guys inhabit here. A wiggler appears as an ally. Boss(es): Cosmic King
  • Valor Volcano - A volcano inhabited by Amps, Embers and Piranha Plants. Boss(es): Blargg, Battery Amp.
  • Phaoroh Pyramid - A pyramid inhabited by Pokeys, Spines and a Lakitu. Boss(es): King Tut Koopa
  • Flanky Factory - A factory inhabited by Cosmic Clones and Monty Moles. Boss(es): Mecha Mario
  • Koopalings in The Volcano: A volcano that the Koopalings took over. Bosses: The Koopalings
  • Terror Flare Forest - A forest which grows Fire Trees. Bob-omb Buddies are also here. Boss: Treevil.
  • Bob-omb Country - A peaceful country which is the Bob-omb Buddies home. Boss: King Bob-omb
  • Cosmic Black Space - An area explored by Cosmic Creatures. Boss: King Cosmo
  • Bowser in the Castle - Bowser's Castle. Boss: Giga Bowser.


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