Super Mario Universe

Wii U 2016 Publisher: Nintendo MarioLandInc.

Super Mario Universe is a game for the Wii U. It is a 3D platformer based off of Super Mario 64. It has multiplayer and extensive voice acting.

The game begins as it is Lemmy Koopa's birthday in the airship. Bowser Jr. tells him to make a wish, and Lemmy replies that he wants to visit the Toad Town Circus. Meanwhile, Princess Peach invites Mario, Luigi, and Wario to visit the Toad Town Circus. At the circus, a cannon shoots Bully Boxes, Super Carrots, Blooper Suits, and FLUDD nozzles across the sky. The heroes arrive at the circus, but an Airship breaks through the tent. The Koopalings bring out the presents ( being a Classic Mushroom and a Metal Mushroom). Thinking it is an attack, Mario and Luigi attack Bowser as Wario steals the presents. This angers Bowser, so he creates a portal inside Peach's Castle and kidnapps Peach. Because of this, Peach's Castle explodes, while the Magic Bricks become scattered all over the Mushroom Planet. The Koopalings then flee in the airship. Then, at Toad Town, the three meet up with Waluigi. Toad is now a construction worker. He says that the Magic Bricks are scattered all over the world, and if Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi find the bricks, they can rebuild the castle and fight Bowser. A portal opens in Toad Town to the first world, where FLUDD is found.

The player travels through 16 levels searching for the Magic Bricks. If the player finds 64 bricks, the final level will be unlocked. If the player collects all 120 bricks, the final level, a remixed version of Bob-Omb Battlefield, will be unlocked.


World 1 (grass) Grassy-Sassy Land. Boss: Lemmy Koopa

World 2 (desert) Sandy Ruins. Boss: Petey Pirahna, Roy Koopa

World 3 (beach) Gelato Beach. (From SMS!) Boss: Gooper Blooper (where FLUDD is found)

World 4 (jungle) Swampy Jungle Boss: Bramking, Iggy Koooa

World 5 (canyon) Spiky Canyon Boss: Pokeing, Morton Koopa Jr.

World 6 (savahna) Tar Pit Land Boss: Bully Boss, Wendy O. Koopa

World 7 (sky) Cloudy Mountain Boss: Giga Lakitu, Ludwig Von Koopa

World 8 (ice) Mount Snowy Boss: Chief Chilly, Big Bunny

World 9 (haunted) Boo Manor Boss: King Boo

World 10 (factory) Crazy Clockwork Boss: King Bob-Omb, Larry Koopa

World 11 (stormy sea) Deep Abyss Boss: Big Bulber

World 12 (lava) Volcanic Cliff Boss: Bowser Jr.

World 13 (2D) Bitty Bog Boss: Wart

Bowser's Scary Circus

Bowser's Koopa Castle

Bowser's Space Station

The game's hub is Toad Town.

Power Ups


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