Super Mario Universe is a Mario 3D adventure/RPG game released in 2035 that is on an upcoming console. It celebrates Mario's 50th anniversary. It's also the birth to the series Superstar World, starring Josh and Annie whose first appearances are in this game. It's created and developed by Nintendo EAD. It is based 50 years after Super Mario Bros, where Mario and Luigi are protecting the Mushroom Kingdom and Saharsaland, Lord Bowser is long dead and replaced by the New Lord Bowser (Bowser Jr) and the seven Koopalings (now own real castles and are older) and a new set of heroes arise. It has features from every Mario game, either massive or minor references. Super Mario Universe also gets a movie based off the same title. 

Story Introduction 

NOTE: This is the only Mario franchise game that's set 50 years later. After this game it goes back to when Mario was younger. The Mario series DOES NOT GET CANCELLED. The series Superstar World continues at this time.

The game starts off in First Person view with Mario, now 66, standing at a balcony looking at the futureistic Mushroom Kingdom City. He has a flashback where it's 50 years ago and he's facing his first goomba. Then the player sees Peach, now 65,  walk up to the balcony. It cuts to another flashback with peach being in a cage, the first ever attack by Bowser. Then the screen goes white, with Mario saying "This is my final adventure. This is the last boss battle. Everything is going to change,".

Then it cuts to Annie, the daughter of Mario, at 22 years of age, laying a game called Hero Simulator. Peach then comes to tell her to put her uniform on because she going on her first Princess board meeting. Annie conplains and Peach tells her about the fundimeltals of being a princess. Annie then says that she never wanted to be a princess and always wanted to be a hero. Peach tells her that she needs to fufill her duties of being a royal. 

It then goes to Mario as he is preparing to star in a commercial about the Hero Force, the protecters of th Mushroom Kingdom, lead by Mario. He wonders whether there will be someone to fill in his shoes, to be the new hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He then does the commercial. 

Later, Mario gets a call from Rosalina, sayin that a dark force is approching, and that she needs him immediantly. So Mario drives his Wild Wing to the Star Headquarters, a high tech facility and the headquarters of the Hero Force. He is meeted by Rosalina, Geno and Starlow, informing him that the Dark Star has been stolen and out of it's crystal prison. They inform him that it's nearly impossible to acieve that goal. Well, someone did it, and Mario needs to find them. 

Mario comes back to the kingdom telling Peach and Annie that it will be a while before he comes home. And then he goes of with the Hero Force. Also, at this same time, Lord Bowser and the World Dominaters are ready to set war on the Mushroom Kingdom... 

Soon, the World Dominater forces are at the ready to attack the castle. The alarm goes off as the toads call the Hero Force. Mario hears the call and  says to start going back. But a force stops them in their tracks: The Dark Star. It is in a giant mechanical suit with someone at the helm, controlling it. It says that the Hero Force is over. The dark is coming. Then it starts destroying the Force. You play a tutorial of the controls at this moment.

Back at the Mushroom Kingdom, without any Hero Force the Mushroom Kingdom is hopeless. The toads try all they can but it's useless. Lord Bowser captures the princees, saying 'Like fater, like son." Annie then almost gets captured when a mysterious man comes and rescues her. This man is revealed to be a guy called Josh. 

Mario and the Hero Force are defeated, and the giant robot looks him into the eyes and says "I'm in control of everything. You are nothing." The Hero Force is then decimated, leaving only Mario, Rosalina, Geno and Starlow. Mario tells them that he knows what to do. They head strait for the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Annie is then shown what is called the Rebels, consisting of Josh, a bulky man called Bufton, a cat creature called Scratch, a dorky toad called Greenie and a robot called Blastbot. They tell her that they're are the only hope for the Mushroom Kingdom. And their quest to stop the World Dominaters. 

Mario Finds heroes Luigi, Wario and Blue Toad and tells them that they are the Heroes and they need to save the Mushroom Kingdom one last time. And at the last moment Pauline confronts Mario, telling him that she knows of the Dark Menace, and that she knows how to stop it. They head off for their adventure: defeating the Dark Star and its controller. To see more of the story, visit Super Mario Universe (Mario's 50th anniversay)/story It's worth it!!!!

Playable Characters

There are 12 characters that you can play as, 6 for each story. There are 3 DLC packs, each with their own 2 characters and their own DLC adventures with them. These are the characters.

(Models coming soon!)


Name Image Stats Description
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Wario the 2nd

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