Start of the game

Mario: Ahh, Sono stanco...zzz

Sonic: Mario! Stay awake.... and dont speak Italian.

Mario: Whaa? oh- okaya, I'lla try.

Sonic: Great! Now stay up!

Luigi: *Jumps out of bed* Good morning!

Tails: Is that...? Outside the window, A-amy? and Daisy, No!

Mario: Where's-a Peach?

Peach: Here mario.

All: *Runs outside* Noooo!!!

Sonic: We need to save them!

  • Portal appears*

Sonic: Lets go!! *Jumps through*

Mario: Ahaaa! *Jumps through*

Tails: Yeah!! *Jumps Through

Luigi: Ohhou.. *Jumps through*

Peach: Haha! *Juumps through*

After Universe one complete

Sonic: Whaaa-what? A ship!

Mario: Looks-a so..

Luigi: Lets jump in!

All: *Jumps in*


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