Super Mario Universe: Peril of destruction is another 3d platformer game similar to the Super Mario Galaxy series and takes place years after Super Mario Galaxy 2. The series also features characters from the Sonic and Zelda series.

Super Mario Universe: Peril of destruction
Release Date(s)
4 player
Genre(s) 3d platform


Princess Peach and Daisy planning to host a celebration for all heroes that were involved in the Subspace emissary. Peach sends a letter to the city of Hyrule, where Zelda opens up here letter. Link and Zelda, both read the letter together and are excited to visit the Mushroom Kingdom again. Sonic also receives the letter, but is given to him by Tails and Amy. Sonic was skeptical, knowing that Mario was his greatest rival. But Tails convinced him, after telling him of how much work he put in to stop Tabuu. Sonic decides to go and bring his friends. Bowser, Ganandorf, and Dr.Eggman are very upset that they weren't invited to the festivities. They plan to crash the festival, and kidnap the princesses. Once the evil men came to Mushroom Kingdom,they attempted to kidnap the princesses. But the the ground began to rumble and shake. Daisy screamed that it was a earthquake, but it was no ordinary earhquake. A few minutes later, the entire Earth is split into pieces. The three princesses were all sent flying across the universe and now the player must find them. Once you defeat the villains and find the princesses. the earth will return to normal.

Characters artworks

Zelda 2

Zelda's apperance for super Mario Universe

Zelda's new design is based on her detailed look from Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Peach and Daisy are given new designs for the series.

Mario Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingddom, and has save Peach many times. You may use him to play the game and he comes with may power ups.
Luigi Luigi, Mario's sidekick has tagged along for the adventure when he and Daisy visit Peach for the star festival
Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is once again kidnapped by Bowser and Ganadorf. Once Mario rescues her, she becomes a playable character.
Daisy Daisy is the energetic princess of Sarasaland, who is kidnapped by Bowser
Link the prince of the Mushroom Kingom, and Peach's brother. He has to be saved by Maria after being knocked into another dimension by Kamek
Zelda the princess of Hyrule who must be saved by Link or Mario
Bowser archenemy of Mario and enemy of the Mushroom Kingdom


Princess Peach's guardians who accompany Mario to rescue them.
Ganandorf Link's main archenemy who kidnaps the princesses