Super Mario Universal Travels is an upcoming game for the Wii, PC, and the 3DS. It is to be released sometime next year.                                                                              Please do NOT edit.


Mailtoad has just delivered a letter to Mario. "Dear Mario, I have baked a cake for you, Luigi, and the toads to celebrate the Star Festival. Please come! From, Peach. Mario arrives at the castle and sees Bowser trying to take over. Mario fights and defeats Bowser, and Bowser takes off with Peach to the far edges of the universe, building fleets and bases in galaxies known as quasars, which hold the most powerful energy in the universe. Mario goes after Princess Peach by using the paintings in the castle to collect stars, and an all new adventure begins...


  • Power Stars (Regular, Green Stars, Red Stars, Bronze Stars, Grand Stars)

  • Universe Star
  • Comet Medal
  • Metal Cap
  • Vanish Cap


  • Red Star Mario (flying Mario)
  • P-Flower
  • Ice Ball Flower


  • P.T. Piranha
  • Tryclyde
  • Kingfin