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Super Mario Universal Shift
Developer(s) Raindrop Studios
Publisher(s) Raindrop Studios
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)

Super Mario Universal Shift is a Super Mario game in development by Raindrop Studios.


Princess Peach and company are invited to an island in the ocean. They are welcomed to the island by the locals. After their arrival, Mario is able to walk around. When he reaches the room where the trasures are displayed, Luigi appears and accidentally walks into a pole that holds a shiny crystal object. It falls over, and breaks apart. A ghost-like figure is then seen flying through the room, which then looks at the bros. and introduces itself as Vistaria, the King of Stars. While Mario and Luigi look at him in confusion, an evil sounding laugh is heard, and the ghost that seemed friendly previously flies into Luigi, who then attacks Mario. Mario must fight Luigi by jumping on him three times, after which Luigi falls over and Vistaria flies out.



Below is a list of all playable characters, supporting characters and enemies as listed by the glossary in-game.

Playable characters

# Character In-game Description
01 Mario SMUS
That's Mario, the courageous hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He might not say much, but he is a man of his word. He can jump and use his hammer. He doesn't necessarily excel at anything, which makes him very balanced.
02 Luigi SMUS
That's Luigi, the cowardly hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Like Mario, he is able to use his hammer as well as jumping on his enemies. He can jump higher, but he is slightly slippery.
03 Peach SMUS
That's Princess Peach, the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is very kindhearted. She can jump and then hover in the air for a short amount of time. However, her walking speed is slower than everyone else's.
04 Toad SMUS
That's Toad, Princess Peach's long-time assistant. He might be her assistant, but she treats him with much love and care. He can run much faster than the others, but he can't jump very well.
05 Daisy SMUS
That's Princess Daisy, the princess of Sarasaland. She is a long-time friend of Peach and the Bros. She can attack with a flower parasol while in many different ways, but her movements are a little slippery.

Supporting Characters

# Character In-game Description
06 Starlow SMUS
That's me, aka Starlow, the Star Sprite. I help you on your journey by keeping items and explainging things. Aren't I incredibly helpful?
07 Yoshi SMUS
That's Yoshi, the rideable dinosaur. He will occasionally pop out of a Yoshi Egg that in turn popped out of a Question Block. Why does he hide in question blocks?
08 Red Yoshi SMUS
Red Yoshi
That's Red Yoshi, the other rideable dinosaur. He will, as well, occasionally pop out of Yoshi Eggs from Question Blocks. He can't make eggs, but he can walk on fire.
09 Birdo SMUS
That's Birdo, a girl who loves everthing shiny. Rumour has it both of the Yoshis like her. She sells high-value items that might come in handy for you. If you have enough coins, that it.
10 Toadbert SMUS
That's Toadbert, the scientist. He could occanionally provide you with amazing new gear and things like that, by boogity!
11 Toadsworth SMUS
That's Toadsworth, Princess Peach's right hand assistant. He cares deeply for the princess and is rather wise.
12 Toadette SMUS
That's Toadette, another of Peach's Toad friends. She hosts a shop, where you can buy useful items. Some say she has a crush on Toad...
13 Nabbit SMUS
That's Nabbit, the silent thief. Not a man of many words, but a smart guy. Although he might not necessarily be an enemy, don't go considering him a friend right away. He can still nab your stuff too!
14 Wiggler SMUS
That's Wiggler, the wiggly wobbly caterpillar. Wiggler is very strong, and you can take him along to crush large objects for you. However, it might be a tough job to get him all the way through the level...
15 Kylie Koopa SMUS
Kylie Koopa
That's Kylie Koopa, the Koopa new reporter. You can make photographs with her by collecting photo pieces.
16 Pianta SMUS
That's a Pianta, a friendly...palm tree? Whatever he is, he is friendly. He can throw you, your friends, your items, whatever you want, to another location.


# Character In-game Description
Bowser That's Bowser, the Koopa king. It appears that, once again, he is up to no good. At least Peach hasn't been kidnapped this time around. He is vulnerable to lava. Knock 'im into it!
Vistaria That's Vistaria. I'm not even sure what he is. He is talking about a supposed ‘joint multiverse’, and is a very dangerous being. He can even possess other people.
Kamek SMUS
That's Kamek, Bowser's henchman. He is a skilled sorcerer, and can even revive others with his magic!
Corporal Paraplonk That's Corporal Paraplonk, a high-ranked member of the Koopa Troop. He might not seem much, but this guy is actually pretty strong. His vulnerable part is his shell, which you have to aim for.
Sergeant Guy That's Sergeant Guy, a high-ranked member of the Koopa Troop. He can use some types of magic, but he's not very skilled. Maybe you can use that to your advantage?
Private Goom That's Private Goom, a high-ranked member of the Koopa Troop. He is vulnerable to jumps, but he knows that, so he will do anything to prevent you from jumping on him.
Petey Piranha SMUS
Petey Piranha
That's Petey Piranha, the Piranha Plant king. He is, strangely, vulnerable to water. Make sure you can get near water to use against him!
King Boo SMUS
King Boo
That's King Boo, the Boo king. He is vulnerable to bright light, so find a way to shine light at him. I've heard Luigi is very scared of should let Luigi fight him.
Goomboss SMUS
That's Goomboss, the Goomba king. He shields himself from being jumped om by wearing a large crown, so aim for something else.
King Bob-omb SMUS
King Bob-omb
That's King Bob-omb, the Bob-omb King. He might be a Bob-omb, but he won't explode that easily. It appears he is wear to fire, so face him with that.


# Character In-game Description
Goomba SMUS
That's a Goomba. It walks around aimlessly, so it doesn't make much of a threat. You can defeat it by simply one jump.
Paragoomba SMUS
That's a Paragoomba. It hops around. You can defeat it by two jumps; one jump will remove its wings, while a second jump will defeat it. If you wait too long jumping the second time, it will regrow its wings.
Goombrat SMUS
That's a Goombrat. Like a Goomba, it walks around aimlessly. However, they turn around at the edges of a pit. Why do they look like tomatoes, you ask? I have absolutely no idea. They can be defeated by one stomp.
Galoomba SMUS
Bone Goomba SMUS
Bone Goomba
Fuzzy SMUS
Pink Fuzzy SMUS
Pink Fuzzy
Bob-omb SMUS
Kab-omb SMUS
Peepa SMUS
Eerie SMUS
Lantern Ghost SMUS
Lantern Ghost
Phanto SMUS
Shy Guy SMUS
Shy Guy
That's a Shy Guy. You can't defeat it by jumping, as you can stand on top of it, as if it's a platform. You could pick it up, or use other means of attacking, though.
Tweeter SMUS
Flurry SMUS
Ninji SMUS
Cobrat SMUS
Green Koopa SMUS
Green Koopa
Red Koopa SMUS
Red Koopa
Green Paratroopa SMUS
Green Paratroopa
Red Paratroopa SMUS
Red Paratroopa
Koopeleon SMUS
Dry Bones SMUS
Dry Bones
Dull Bones SMUS
Dull Bones
Dark Bones SMUS
Dark Bones
Lakitu SMUS
Fishin' Boo SMUS
Fishin' Boo
Longator SMUS
That's a Longator. It streeeeetches out until it reaches you. That is also its weakness, as it will become larger and thus give you more area to stomp on!
Magiblot SMUS
Gulpit SMUS
Boomboxer SMUS
Raven SMUS
Sidestepper SMUS Sidestepper 2 SMUS
Fighter Fly SMUS Fighter Fly 2 SMUS
Fighter Fly
Cheep Cheep SMUS
Cheep Cheep
Deep Cheep SMUS
Deep Cheep
Blooper SMUS
Huckit Crab SMUS
Huckit Crab
Piranha Plant SMUS
Piranha Plant
Inky Piranha SMUS
Inky Piranha
Fire Piranha SMUS
Fire Piranha
Nipper SMUS
Muncher SMUS
Mr Blizzard SMUS
Mr Blizzard
Bumpty SMUS
That's a Bumpty. You cannot attack Bumpty. Bumpty will bump you away.
Buzzy Beetle SMUS
Buzzy Beetle
Spike Top SMUS
Spike Top
Bony Beetle SMUS
Bony Beetle
Spiny SMUS
Invisighoul SMUS
Fizzlit SMUS
Skipdrill SMUS
Chill SMUS Fever SMUS Weird SMUS
That's a Virus. They always come in groups of three. If you jump on a blue Virus, it becomes red. If you jump on a red one, it becomes yellow and if you jump on a yellow one, it becomes blue. If all three of the group are the same colour, they will be defeated.
Beanie SMUS
Hammer Bro SMUS
Hammer Bro
Boomerang Bro SMUS
Boomerang Bro
Crayzee Dayzee SMUS
Crayzee Dayzee
Amazy Dayzee SMUS
Amazy Dayzee
Lava Bubble SMUS
Lava Bubble
Panser SMUS
Lakitufo SMUS
Pointey SMUS
That's a Pointey. They stretch out from the ground to block your way. If you can get high enough to jump on it, it will let you pass. Perhaps you can negotiate with him too, instead.
That's a Rex. It might look tall, but three jumps on it, and it will be defeated. Every time you jump on it, it will shrink.
Waddlewing SMUS
Monty Mole SMUS
Monty Mole
Mr I
That's a Mr I. It shoots beams at you. From its eye. Honestly, I'm not sure how that works. You can't defeat it by jumping on it, but if you can make it dizzy, you win.
Pokey SMUS
Little Mouser SMUS
Little Mouser
Sockop SMUS
Bullet Bill SMUS
Bullet Bill
Bill Blaster SMUS
Bill Blaster
That's a Bill Blaster. You cannot defeat it. It shoots Bullet Bills for all eternity. Where does it make them? Are they even made, or do they live inside it, waiting to be shot out? Many questions.
Swooper SMUS
Spearhead SMUS
Thwomp SMUS
Piranha Planet SMUS
Piranha Planet
That's a Piranha Planet. Rumour has it there is a space Piranha Plant dystopian society within there. You can defeat it by jumping on the tiny Piranha Plant head, when it sticks out.



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