Super Mario Universal Quest is a RPG game for the Nintendo 3DS released in 2013.


Mario, Luigi, and Peach come back to the Mushroom Kingdom from a trip, and most of the town is burnt to the ground. Mario walks near the remains of Princess Peach`s castle and finds Toad stuck in the remains. Mario lifts him out, and in return, Toad promises to help Mario. Toad tells him of the "Metal Mirror of Illusions" inside of Peach`s castle. Mario finds it and Toad explains that Mario can enter the past to stop Bowser. Mario finds a button on the mirror and he presses it. The mirror then creates a vortex and sucks in Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad.

Timezone 1: 1,000,000 Years Ago

Mario and the gang are spat out of the vortex, and fall to the ground. Toad points out that there is no Mushroom Kingdom at all, just endless fields of grass. Suddenly, a small black and orange toad with leopard skin clothing runs by. Then, a viscous looking reznor charges after him. Mario and Luigi chase the dinosaur to a stone where the strange toad is atop of. Since the toad is out the reznor's reach, Mario and Luigi decide to battle with it. The toad explains how the battle system works. He explains that each character has a basic attack, items to use, and special attacks. After the bros. defeat the reznor, the toad says his name is Hamak, and that he is a child that belongs to a nearby tribe. He says he can stay in your pockets and act as a "help system". Then, Peach and Toad come running into the scene. Toad says that he spotted Bowser bullying some other toads in a nearby village. Mario seems surprised, and he and Luigi race to the scene. At the village, Bowser has picked up a scared toad and yelled "Where did Queen Opal go? I NEED to kidnap her again!". The toad then said Queen Opal is out in another village." Then, Bowser turns around and sees Peach. Bowser calls Peach "Queen Opal" and picks her up. Then, Bowser ran off with Peach. Hamak comes out of your pocket and says "That dastardly Red has kidnapped your friend!" "Red? His name is Bowser." Toad remarks. Hammak then says that Red has always been kidnapping Queen Opal ever since they were young children. "Wait a second...." Toad says. "We traveled back 1,000,000 years to the past! The Great Evil Red is in all of the history books! He was Bowser's pure evil heartless ancestor! And now he has Princess Peach! We must go to Red's Volcano Fortress and save our princess!" Toad then joins your party. After talking to several civilians, they say that Red's volcano is west of the village. After travelling west, you eventually reach the volcano that you must climb. After the dangerous journey to the top, you meet Red and see Peach in a bamboo cage. "You pathetic morons can't save Queen Opal ever again, because she is going to be DEAD." Red screams. Red kicks Peach and her cage in to the caldera where she burns to death. Toad then states that in the book "History of the Mushroom Kingdom" a strange man in overalls throws Red into a caldera. Red says "No. That's not right! Bring it on!" and the first boss battle commences. After the end of the battle, Mario spins red and throws him into the volcano. Suddenly, another tribal toad comes out of nowhere. "That was awesome!" he says. "Too bad Queen Opal has died, but it's alright, because you defeated Red, you are the king!" The toad then brings Mario into a rock castle. "Make yourself and home! We will do anything you wish!" Mario babbles. "You want us to build a magic mirror?" the toad says. Mario shakes his head yes and the toad runs off. The screen cuts to black, and several toads run in carrying the mirror. "Press the button, Mario! Hopefully it brings us right before the disaster happened so we can save Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom!" Mario presses the button, and then again it sucks the heroes into a vortex. Then, Queen Opal walks into the room. "That dirty traitor!" a mad toad yells.

Timezone 2: 20 Years Ago

Mario and his friends are plopped down in the middle of a house. "I think we're at the right time period!" Toad says. "This is my house!" Then a toad lady carrying a baby walks by. "Ooh! I wasn't expecting visitors today! Well, you can make this place your home as long as you need. No payments necessary!" she says. "Mom!- I mean, hello madam." Toad stuttered. "That's me as a baby! We landed 20 years in the past!" Toad whispered to his friends. When you try to leave, Toad's Mom says "Oh, just stopping to say hello to me and my baby? Fine by me!". When you get outside, Toad starts to speak again. "This might be good. We can try to get a hold of the mirror, and meet Dr. E Gadd! He can upgrade it and make it so that we can take control of it!" he says. "The only problem is that they might not trust us with the mirror! We might have to be sneaky and...steal it..." he said. As you edge closer to Peach's Castle, you see Baby Mario and Baby Luigi running about. Baby Mario seems surprised to see his adult counterpart again, and Baby Luigi cries thinking that this means another adventure. Mario babbles to the babies, and a light bulb appears over Baby Mario's head. He makes a "follow me!" gesture and leads you to a manhole. "This manhole must lead to the castle!" Toad says. Mario and Luigi pull up the cover, and then Mario, Luigi, Toad, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi climb in the manhole. After trekking through the manhole dungeon, the crew get to the front yard. A cut-scene plays and it shows Baby Peach running around the yard with the king watching, and then they go back inside. "The coast is clear! Go!" Toad says. Mario and his friends climb out of the manhole and split up, leaving you with just Mario and Baby Mario. You have to look around for a switch, and when you find it by a bush, it drains the moat. Inside of the moat is a door that you can enter. You find a secret treasure room with various treasures from across the kingdom. You eventually come across the mirror, and you take it. When you return the the yard, Luigi, Baby Luigi, and Toad are there, and they are disappointed because they did not find anything. Mario pulls the mirror out of his pocket, and everybody else becomes very happy. Suddenly, the king comes outside, and everybody runs to the exit. The gang run past the guards, and the guards chase them. They run all the way into a forest where the guards lose them. In the forest, they come across E Gadd's lab. "This must be...E Gadd's Lab!" Toad says. You walk in the lab, and see E Gadd building a robot. Mario goes up up to E Gadd and babbles. "Oh, you guys are from the future and need to save the mushroom kingdom, so you want me to upgrade the Metal Mirror of Illusions to make you have better control of it?" he says. Mario shakes his head yes. "Well, I need a few things for that." E Gadd says. "I need a keyboard, some Mushroomite, and a hamburger. Y'know, for lunch." "I know where you can find Mushroomite!" Toad says. "Tear open a Super Mushroom, and you will see a glowing white thing. That glowing white thing is the Mushroomite!" he says. Mario pulls out a Super Mushroom from his suitcase, rips it open, and gives E Gadd some Mushroomite. "Come to think of it," E Gadd says. "I do have a spare keyboard in the other room. Let me go it." E Gadd goes in the other room and returns with a keyboard. "And...I'll just have to order a Hamburger to go." E Gadd says. E Gadd checks his pockets, and states the can't find his phone. "You guys are just gonna have to go get it yourselves. There's a restaurant on the edge of Toad Town." he says. When you get to Toad Town, you realize guards are everywhere searching for you. After fighting through the guards and getting to the end of Toad Town, you find the restaurant. Inside of the restaurant, you see the head guard having a lunch break. He becomes surprised and he chargers at you to fight. After he is defeated, Mario orders a hamburger, and then everybody leaves. Back in the lab, E Gadd is happy that you got his burger. He takes a bite and then starts working on the mirror. The screen cuts to black, and shows everybody except E Gadd asleep. The mirror then creates a vortex and sucks everyone in except Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. They narrowly escape and exit the lab. You then take control of Baby Mario and Luigi. When you exit the forest and encounter Toadsworth. "Mario and Luigi?" he said. "You have been acting quite suspicious lately. Were you two the ones that stole the mirror and wiped out the Royal Guard!?" Baby Mario shakes his head yes. Toadsworth then banishes Baby Mario and Baby Luigi from the Mushroom Kingdom, and they start to cry.

Timezone 3: 1,000 Years Ago

Mario and his friends ended up in the medieval ages. "I guess there was a glitch in development...Thank gosh I actually have the mirror!" E Gadd said. "You guys go prepare to save the kingdom. In the meantime, I'll stay here and work on the mirror with what I have." When you exit the forest, a path that was blocked with stones is now open. At the end of the path, you come across a small and uneven castle built out of wooden planks. Out of a window comes Wario, and Waluigi comes out of another. "WAHAHAH! Mario! I wasn't expecting to see you here!" Wario says. "We found some strange mirror in the rubble of Peach's Castle and it brought us here! Because we stole stuff from Queen Elaine, some shy guy bandits made us their kings!" "Now we have lots of money and an awesome castle!" Waluigi said. "Now, cousins, we will spare you if you don't tell ANYONE about this, not even your dearest friends, ok? Ok." Meanwhile in Toad Town, all of the toads are lined up in front of a merchant building. The toads explain that the Shy Guy Clan has become more dangerous than ever with the new leader, and everybody is evacuating through a secret tunnel to Caveland. After everything, you can return back to E Gadd. E Gadd then puts out sleeping bags, and everybody goes to bed. In the morning, nobody is guarding the castle, and you can enter the castle. When you enter the castle, a band of shy capture you. If you dodge them, they form into one and become a "Mega ShyAngel Extreme". If you somehow win, it teleports you to the final boss. If you get in jail, like most players,