Super Mario Universal Journey is an upcoming game in the main Super Mario (Series) . PLEASE DO NOT EDIT.


Mario and Luigi are invited to the castle from Peach. When they get there, they find out the Princess has been kidnapped. They find a note from Peach saying;


Bowser and the Koopalings have transformed the Mushroom Kings and stolen all off the Magic Scepters!

Mario and Luigi run off to collect the Magic Scepters and save Peach. Along the way, they`ll fight past rivals, meet new enemies, and explore the universe to save Princess Peach. The journey begins!

More comming soon!'

Playable Characters

Name: Description: Unlock:
Mario The main star of the game. Already unlocked.
Luigi Mario's brother. He can run and jump better then Mario. Already unlocked.
Toad ?????
Toadette ?????
Mii The Mii`s abilities depend on how you make the Mii. Beat the Final Boss.

Helpful Characters

Name: Description:
Yoshi Whether he needs to suck up enemies or help, Yoshi`s always ready.
Tip Network Don`t know what to do? Tip Network is always there to give examples on how to use your power-ups!


  • Tryclyde (possibly)
  • Donkey Kong
  • Bowser Jr. (possibly)
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • Final Boss: ?????

Levels and Worlds

World 1

World 1-1: ?????

World 1-2: ?????

World 1-3: ?????

Mystery Box

World 1-4: ?????

Toad House: ?????

Castle: ?????

More Level and World info comming soon!


- Goomba

- Tail Goomba

- Golden Tail Goomba

- Golden Goomba

- Grand Goomba

More comming soon!!


-Super Mushroom

-Fire Flower

More coming soon!