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Super Mario Universal
Developer(s) Logo.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag_of_Japan.png December 07 2011

25px-Flag_of_USA.png December 08 2011 25px-Flag_of_Europe.png December 09 2011 25px-Flag_of_Australia.png December 10, 2011

1-4 players
Age Rating(s)


Media Included Wii Optical Disk

Super Mario Universal (japan: スーパーマリオユニバーサル) is a fangame like the Mario Galaxy Series. Always, Mario must defeat Bowser to save Princess Peach. They are new enemies, new galaxy's and 1 new character: Buddy Bro will be a helper like Mario. The apparence is like a Hammer Bro. but the shell, the shoes and the helmet is orange. His main weapeon its only hammers and boomerangs. You can play with 1-4 players for a adventure mode, battle modes and race modes.



Name: Role: Description: Unlock?
Mario Playable Character A good hero and a similar plumber from Mushroom Kingdom. He haves a good balance. No
Luigi Playable Character Mario's bro. He is sometimes clumsy. He jump's higher than Mario. Yes
Buddy Bro. Playable Character A brave child with a great courage. He want helps Mario and Luigi to save the Princess Peach and take revenge of Bowser. He is a heavy character. Yes
Toad (Original) NPC The "original" Toad is abducted too with Princess

Not Playable

Toad (Others) NPC's/Alies The "ToadGroup" helps Mario and Co. to the adventures. He gives by the way items and Power Stars. Not Playable
Bee NPC He is the guardian of ... Galaxy (coming soon). He shows you how to fly and how to climb. Not Playable
Queen Bee NPC The sweet queen of ... Galaxy. Not Playable
Star Bunny NPC/Challenging He helps you how to make a spin jump. If's he says to catch him, it's a challenge to have a Power Star. Not Playable
Penguin NPC/Challenging He learns you how to swim and how to skate on ice too. Not Playable
Gearmo NPC/Challenging Not Playable
Yoshi Alie He helps you by giving you a boost Yes
Princess Peach NPC Not Playable
BlueIron Mario Guide When you lose too much life's, BlueIron Mario can help's you for guide. If you lose 8 life's


Basic Controls

Controls: Abillity: Usefull for:
Nunchuk.. Running ...
A-botton Jumping
  • Defeat enemies*
  • ...
Shake wii remote Spinning
  • Switch's
  • Defeat enemies*
  • ...
Z-Botton Bow Down ...
  • You can't defeat some enemies (exept you have the Super Star).

Ability Controls

A Wii Shake

Midair Jump

Power Ups


Name: Description: First Appearence: Only for:
Fire Flower You can throw temporaly multiple fireballs. Super Mario Series All
Ice Flower You can throw temporaly multiple iceballs. You can skating on the water too by freeze the water. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time All
1UP-Mushrooom You got an extra life. Super Mario Series All
Life Mushroom You got more then 3 lifes in your Healt Meter. SMG All
Super Leaf You can defeat enemies and break blocks if you spin with your tail. You can float too. With this suit, you are slow. To run fast, you must spin while you run.

Old: SMB3 (Super Mario Bros. 3)

New: SM3DL (Super Mario 3D Land)

Star You are invicible and fast for awhile. Super Mario Series All
Frog Suit You can swim faster in water and you can jump higher too. SMB3 Mario and Luigi
Penguin Suit You can slide on ice with your body. You can throw iceballs and you can also not slip on ice too. NSMBW (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) Mario and Luigi
Boomerang Flower You can throw boomerangs to defeat enemies and destroy blocks. SM3DL All
Invincible Super Leaf You are invincible for awhille with your Tanooki Suit.

Old Apperance: SM3DL

New Apparence: This game.

Cloud Flower You can use clouds 3 times. SMG2 Mario and Luigi
Boo Mushroom You are a ghost like boo. You can vanish yourself and you can float too. SMG Mario and Luigi
Horn Helmet You can defeat enemies and destroy blocks with your horns for awhille. NEW! Buddy Bro.
Hammer Flower You can throw hammers to defeat and destroy blocks for awhille. NEW! Buddy Bro.

Yoshi's Power-Up's

Name: Appearence: Description:
Dash Pepper SMG2 (comon game) Yoshi can run fast for awhile. He can makes a long jump too.
Blimp Berry SMG2

Yoshi haves a big stomach with air to blimp for awhile.

Trick: If hes close his mouth, the AIR-Meter spends less air.

Bulb Berry SMG2 Yoshi can be shine (with light) for awhile.
Dig Peanut SMSJ (Super Mario Star Journey) (fanon game) Yoshi can go underground by diging a big hole only 3 times. It's more like a Drill (item).
Ice Banana SMG4 (Super Mario Galaxy 4) (fanon game) Yoshi can spit Iceballs to freeze enemies for awhile. Hurry up, the enemies can break the iceblock.
Burn Paprika NEW! It's more like Ice Pepper but Yoshi can spit Fireballs on the enemies for awhile.
Wing Pear NEW! Yoshi can fly with his wings for awhile. It's much like the Red Star (SMG).

Power-Up Forms

Yoshi's Power-Up Form


Name: Role: Description: Only for: Appearence:
Spin Drill
  • Power-Up
  • Item
You can dig underground with a straight line to the endpoint where you here. All SMG2 (Super Mario Galaxy 2) (comon game)
Propeller Block
  • Power-Up
  • Item
You can fly like the Propeller Mushroom(NSMBW) for awhile. All SM3DL (Super Mario 3D Land) (comon game)
  • Collectible
  • Item
  • Challenging
If you grab 100 coins, you get a extra 1UP. These coins can you gives to the ToadShop's to buy anything and to give to the Hungry Luma's to transform into a planet, into a 1-Up Mushroom or a Life Mushroom or into a Item Dice. All Super Mario Series
Red Coin(s)
  • Collectible
  • Item
  • Suprising
If you grab on time 8 red coins, you have a suprise. All NSMB (New Super Mario Bros. DS) (comon game)
Purple Coin(s)
  • Collectible
  • Challenging
Purple Coins are available on Prankster Comets. This coins are in totaal +- 110 purple coins. If you got 100 purple coins (or more) on time, you get a Power Star. All SMG (Super Mario Galaxy) (comon game)
Launch Star Item Launch Stars are transformed from the Yellow Luma. The Launch Stars leads to the farest planets. All SMG
Rainbow Notes
  • Collectible
  • Suprising
Rainbow Notes are music notes. You must catch all the notes to make a good beat/rhythm on time. If you got all the notes you get a special item. All SMG
Sling Star Item Their are much like the Launch Stars. The Sling Stars leads you to a closest planet/platforms or catch items. All SMG
  • Item
  • Challenging
These crates haves only items or nothing. All SM64
Question Coin Item The QuestionCoin is a "coinsuprise" (coins around). If you catch all the coins you get a 1UP. All SMG
Item Crystal Item In these crystals haves only items (coins and star bits) and big crystals haves Power Stars are hidden Comet Medals. All SMG
Green Shell Item With the Green Shell, you can throw to defeat enemies and destroy blocks and crates. You can grab underwater too to go faster. All Super Mario Series
Red Shell Item It's more like the Green Shell but this shells goes faster underwater. All Super Mario Series
Clone Shell Item It's more like the Green Shell (for underwater is more like Red Shell), but if you throw this shell, he duplicates and again and again and then all the Clone Shell's gone be desapear. All NEW!
Pull Star Item If you click wiith your cursor on the Pull Star, it brings "the player" to the Pull Star. All SMG
Star Bits
  • Collectible
  • Item
Star Bits are more like Coins. You can only feed to the Lumalee's. All SMG
Question Block Item Question Blocks haves Power-Ups, Items, Coins, Multiple Coins, Multiple Star Bits and Star Bits. All Super Mario Series
Brick Block Item It's more like the Question Block, sometimes is the Brick Block empty. All Super Mario Series
  • Power-Up
  • Item
The waterassistent from Mario is back to more adventure! He can spit and take water. All SMS (Super Mario Sunshine) (comon game)
FLUUD Splasher
  • Power-Up
  • Item
With this FLUUD-Item can only spit water to the dirty enemies. F.L.U.U.D. SMS
FLUUD Rocket
  • Power-Up
  • Item
This FLUUD-Item can fly higher then the Propeller Block. F.L.U.U.D. SMS
  • Power-Up
  • Item
You can run fast like the Dash Pepper from Yoshi and you can swim faster too. F.L.U.U.D. SMS
Yoshi Egg (Mario Series) Item Yoshi is inside on the egg. All SMW (Super Mario World)
P-Switch Switch If you click this switch, the coins transforms into bricks <-> bricks into coins for 10 sec. All SMB3
Key Item If you catch a key, a door or a other thing will be open. All SMW


Name: Description: Appearence:
Power Star Power Stars are energy's of power. Together they form a Grand Star. Bowser spread all the Power Stars. You must only catch (coming soon) Power Stars. SM64 (Super Mario 64)
Grand Star The big collection of Power Star together. You can catch only on castle-bosses. SM64 (final battle)
Prankster Comets

Prankster Comets are Power Stars with difficult challenges. They are 5 categories of Prankster Comets.

Speed Run Star:

Thats a challenge with clock's (not always). You must get the Power Stars on time.

Daredevil Run Star: That's a challenge only with 1 life on your Health Meter. They are no coins around.
Survival Star: That's a challenge with more difficult enemies and difficult path's.
Cosmic Star: That's a challenge with Cosmic Mario's.
Double Time Star: T

hat's a challenge with platforms with max speed (more speed) than the normal speed.

Green Star In other words: The green juwels, it's a amusement for the Luma's. It's hard to find this stars but the camera can help's you. SMG (Super Mario Galaxy)
Red Star It's like the Green Stars but it's harder to find then the Green Stars. You must have good eyes. SMG
Silver Star The Silver Stars are small stars. If you catch all the 5 Silver Stars, then form a Power Star. SM64 (DS)
Shine Sprite Shine Sprites are only stars to unlock races and battles on Race Mode and Battle Mode. SMS (Super Mario Sunshine)


New Enemies

Name: Description:
Rocket Bill He is like Missile Bill but he can spit fireblast too.
Topspike He is like Topmaniac but with spikes on the sides.
Goomball He can bouncing like a ball but he follows allways "the player".
Koopatrol He have's a invincible armor. You can defeat him with only one tecnique.

Returning Enemies

See full gallery of enemies (coming soon)


Universe 1: Night Universe

Nightmaster SMU

The Nightmaster

World 1

Name Stage: Mission:
The Night Palace Galaxy

Mission: PrankStar? Description: Bosses/Enemie: Unlock Special One:

Smg icon powerstar

The Top from the Palace.

/ The big palace from the Nightmaster. The palace haves a source from energy of Power Stars but Bowser steal the stars from the Palace. / /
Smg icon powerstar

The Electric Battle

/ Into the castle, Grand Amp destroy the palace from the Nightmaster. The F.L.U.U.D. can help you. Grand Amp /


The Top from the Palace

Speed Run


30 seconds to the top from the palace with Time-Clocks. / /
Smg icon greenstar
Green Star 1

Green Star 2

           Green Star 3
/ ??? / /
Smg icon redstar
Red Star 1

Red Star 2

/ ??? / /
Shine Sprite Icon SMU

Cosmic Race

/ Cosmic Mario waits you in the palace. You must be 1st to the Shine Sprite. If Cosmic Mario wins, you lose the Shine Sprite. Cosmic Clone

Unlock the RaceStage from Cosmic Clone.

The Big Waterfall


Smg icon powerstar

Into the Waterfall

/ Into the Big Waterfall there is a mystic tresure from Nightmaster. / /
Smg icon powerstar

To the Top from the Waterfall

/ There are Jumping Cheep's and Tail Goomba's from the Waterfall where Bounce Cheep waiting's you. Yoshi can helps you to go to the top. Bounce Cheep /
Jumping Cheep's Invincible Romp
Survival Run 'PrankStar ' 40 seconds to get all the Jumping Cheep's with the Super Star. / /
Smg icon greenstar

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Green Star 3

/ ??? / /
Smg icon redstar

Red Star 1

Red Star 2

/ ??? / /
Shine Sprite Icon SMU

Coin Chase

/ Into the Waterfall, they are secret entrances with Purple Coins. They are 110 Purple Coins. / Unlock the Stage for the Battle Stage.


Watch full galery (coming soon)

  • Sling Star
  • Burn Paprika SMU.jpg Burn Paprika
  • F.L.U.U.D. Rocket Mode
  • F.L.U.U.D. Jet Mode
  • Raccoon Buddy Bro.
  • Horn Buddy Bro.
  • Ice Yoshi
  • Fire Buddy Bro.
  • Hammer Buddy Bro.
  • Hammer Flower
  • Ice Buddy Bro.
  • Horn Helmet
  • Boomerang Buddy Bro.



Watch full music (coming soon)

  1. Starman
  1. Tanooki Invincibility
  1.  Fire Flower
  1. Ice Flower
  1. Horn Helmet Theme
  1. Hammer Flower

Bip-Rythm Galaxy Video


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