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Super Mario Underwater 2
Developer(s) TalixArts
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
October 12, 2010
Single-player, multi-player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Unknown

Super Mario Underwater 2 is a upcoming 3D Mario game and the sequel to Super Mario Underwater. Underwater 2 will have everything like the first one, but will feature more new levels and undiscovered islands where Mario can explore land and sea. Along with new levels, a new co-op mode will be introduced, new characters, new suits, and a new Mario sub to travel around the great sea. It will be released October 12, 2010 set for all countries.


A year after the events of Underwater, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad is taking another vacation, but decided to head back to Atlantis to see how Princess Coral and Surge are doing. However, unbeknownst to them Bowser frees Captain Bootleg from his watery cage and now plan to sworn revenege; the two dibolical forces join together to form an alliance to take over Atlantis. Coral pleas with Mario and his pals to stop Bowser and Bootleg from coming here only to learn Bowser wants Bootleg's help to find a mysterious jewel that holds magical powers and the heart of Atlantis.

Mario takes off in his new cutomized subamarine to find the jewel before the dangerous duo do along with some much needed help from his friends: Luigi, Yoshi, and Surge.


Many of the gameplay features from Underwater is heavily featured here, such as the underwater setting, different worlds (or levels) are being transported by via mystical whirlpools, the classic tube pipe.

Now Mario has three ways to explore the game: he is equipped again with the special flippers that gives him the ability to swim underwater and breathe normally. --{Using the WiiMote, Mario can do alot of special tricks while swimming and collecting starfishes as it boost up his skills underwater as well as unlocking Mario costumes}. The second way is by exploring on land {unexplored islands} something that hasn't been done in the first game.

And the third way and most unique way is Mario's newest toy--the Mario Sub. Using the WiiMote and the MotionPlus, you can control the sub to go anywhere. In a sandbox-like enviroment, you the gamer can alter Mario's path from one whirlpool to another. Ride the sub and go anywhere you like and can play certain mini games for extra starfishes and hints for later in the game.

Some of Mario's underwater-theme costumes from the first game returns such as the octopuss {squrik ink to blind enemies}, shark {take a bite out of your enemeies}, seahorse (swim faster and faster}, and couple of new costumes: the frog costume {leap higher distances and use your sticky tounge to collect far distant objects} and the whale {you can shoot water and swim in different angles}.

New reveal: It is now revealed that if you find a rare diamond starfish, there is a new mode where you can create your very own level and set some boundaries. And when you saved it and play the game all over again, your created level will be featured as a bonus level once you redefeat the first boss.

Co-Op mode

A new feature in the game is the co-op feature where you and another player can tag team in a single level or play several mini games. You can switch from Mario or your selected choice of his partner either Luigi, Yoshi, or his new pal Surge in any parts of the same level.