Super Mario Ultra
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Developer(s) Crossover Kirby Team
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
Single player
Age Rating(s)
E (For Comic Mischief and Violence)
Genre(s) Role-playing, platformer
Media Included DS Cartridge

Super Mario Ultra is a crossover game for the Nintendo DS.


Bowser is in his castle plotting to kidnap Princess Peach, when Kamek tells him about the Golden Stone, an artifect that can grant wishes to anyone who can get it, so Bowser decides to steal the Rainbow Medallions to open up the gate in Westside Island that leads to the Hidden Palace where the Golden Stone is.

Meanwhile, Peach informs Mario and Luigi about Bowser and his minions attacking Westside Island, so Mario and Luigi set out, and later meet up with Sonic and Tails. im a chiken yay!


The gameplay is a mix of Super Paper Mario, Sonic Advance 3, and Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is an RPG/Platformer hybrid, but with Tag Actions that can be executed with the Touch Screen.

Confirmed Characters

Confirmed NPCs


  • This is the second Mario game to feature Funky Kong, the first being Mario Kart Wii.
  • Ness from EarthBound is rumored to appear, alongside the renouned anime character Sailor Moon.
  • This game marks the first appearence of Peach's father, who was only mentioned in the manual for Super Mario Bros.