Super Mario Ultimate
Developer(s) BlitzerGaming
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS, Wii
Release Date(s)
NA: October 31, 2014 JA: November 1, 2014 EU: November 20, 2014 AU: December 1, 2014
Age Rating(s)
E (everyone)
Predecessor Super Mario HD/3D
Successor Super Mario HD/3D: Rise of the Dark Koopas

This is a game by BlitzerGaming, published by Fantendo. The game is an Indirect Sequel to Super Mario HD/3D. Rather than traveling through different Areas (EG: SM64, SMG), you travel through different Worlds (EG SMB, SMW), but like SM3DL & SM3DW, it is a 3D game.


Mario, Luigi, & Peach were in the library searching for books about How to Defeat Koopas, when Bowser broke into the Library & took Peach. Wario & Waluigi jumped out of the airship prison. They were there because they failed Bowser in Super Mario HD/3D. They decided to help Mario & Luigi get the princess back. They put Toadsworth in charge of the kingdom until Peach is back.

Later, after beating World 1, Toadworth contacts the 4, telling them Daisy had been captured.

When they enter World 6, they meet E Gadd, who tells them King Boo is back in Evershade valley, & that they will need Poltergusts to defeat him. In King Boo's Illusion (castle), E Gadd gives them the Poltergusts just before entering.

After Defeating Metal Mario in World 8, they find Daisy Captured there & she tells them Peach is in World 10.

They go to World 10 after World 9, and defeat Bowser. They free the Princess & go back to the kingdom.








Princess Peach (Captured in W10)

Princess Daisy (Captured in W8)

Rosalina (Super Guide)

E. Gadd (Helps player(s) in W6)

Toad (Gives Mario information)

Toadette (Runs the special Toad Houses)

Toadsworth (Runs the Toad Houses)

Birdo (Runs the Blue Toad House)

Yoshi (Rideable Character)

Baby Yoshi (Carryable character)

Lubba (Captured in All airships excluding W10-Airship)



Koopa Kid   Koopa Troopa   Hammer Bro   Paratroopa   Boomerang Bro   Fire Bro   Ice Bro   Chargin' Chuck         Dry Bones   Lakitu          Magikoopa     Rocky Wrench   Monty Mole   Morty Mole   Spike     Spiny                       Boo            Bomb Boo         Red Boo        Goomba       Shy Guy             Bandit     Snifit      Bob-Omb                 Pokey         Sumo Bro         Nabbit            Bullet Bill     Torpedo Ted         Cheep Chomp      Venus Fire Trap  Piranha Plant   Chain Chomp   Amp           Fire Chomp    Fliprus        Inky Piranha Plant        Draglet       Kuribon

Enemy Courses

Goomba (W1)       Morty Mole (W2)       Cheep Chomp (W3)       Koopa Troopa (W4)       Ice Bro (W5)                Boo (W6)              Bullet Bill (W7)         Sumo Bro (W8)             Lakitu (W9)                  Koopa Kid


World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

1-Fortress: Here comes the BoomBoom (BoomBoom)

1-Castle: Larry's Laughing Castle (Larry Koopa)

World 2: Dry Dry Desert

2-Fortress: Pom-Pom's Boomerang Factory (PomPom)

2-Castle: Morton's Mole Castle (Morton Koopa Jr.)


For this Subject's Gallery, see here.

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