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Bowser has gone MAD and got Jr, the Koopalings, Boom Boom, Pom Pom and Kamek to go crazy and kidnap all the Toads as well all the babies. Each area you save a Toad or baby. (See above for who you save in each area) Some areas also have special characters you must save.


Area 1: Peach's Castle Courtyard

Donkey Kong Jungle

  • Star 1 - Find the star Diddy Kong accidentally lost
  • Star 2 - Defeat King K. Rool
  • Star 3 - Save Dixie King and Funky Kong

Princess Warupichi's Castle

  • Star 1 - Challenge Warupichi in the courtyard to a minigame.
  • Star 2 - Find your way up to the castle roof to defeat Warupichi
  • Star 3 - Find the 8 red coins

Lavalava Island

  • Star 1 - Help Sushie find the 5 Yoshi Kids
  • Star 2 - Yoshi riding adventure
  • Star 3 - Go into the volcano, and stop it from erupting by defeating Lava Piranha

Bob Omb Battlefield

  • Star 1 - Defeat King Bob Omb
  • Star 2 - The great bob omb war
  • Star 3 - Flying Squirrel tutorial... go through the red rings.

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