Super Mario U is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii U. The game is a 2D platformer in the vein of games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. 2. The game will be released in April 2013. The game will also include more enemies, more items, and new levels.



Super Mario U features elements from New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario 3D Land. The game has the same abilities as in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The game also includes returning power-ups, like the Ice Flower and Hammer Suit. Like in the past games, you must reach the Flagpole to finish the level. For Super Guide, the game will include the Tip Network. Yoshis will also return with the same abilities from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Super Mario U has the same controls as New Super Mario Bros. U.

Wii U GamePad

Wii U Pro Controller


There are five modes in Super Mario U.

  • Adventure Mode - Join the adventure to save Princess Peach.
  • Coin Rush - Collect as many coins as possible.
  • Free-for-All - Choose a level to play on and get a high score.
  • Options - View the options and view the music.


Click here for the soundtrack.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Mario NSMB2 Mario Mario is the main character in the game. He saved Princess Peach a lot, but is willing to save her again. Mario has balacned stats, but he has more power than the other three characters.
Luigi MP9 Luigi Luigi once again joined his older brother on the journey to rescue Princess Peach. Luigi can jump higher than Mario, but he has the same speed as him. Unlike the Toads, he can be chosen in 1-Player.
YellowToad MP9 Yellow Toad Yellow Toad returns to the adventure, along with Blue Toad. His jumps are higher than Luigi, but he is slower than Blue Toad. He is only playable in Multiplayer Mode.
Blue Toad NSMBW2-BB Blue Toad Blue Toad returns to the adventure along with Yellow Toad. He is the fastest character in the game, but can't jump as high as Yellow Toad. He is only playable in Multiplayer Mode.

Supporting Characters


Click here for the list of enemies.



Image Item Description Form
N/A N/A Small Mario is Mario's default form. In this form, Mario cannot break Brick Blocks. If Mario gets hit by an enemy or obstacle, he will lose a life. Small-mario
SuperMushroomNSMB2 Super Mushroom As Super Mario, Mario has all of his basic abilities. He can also break Brick Blocks, but when he gets hit, he'll turn back into Small Mario. When a player grabs a Super Mushroom when they're powered-up, they'll be rewarded with five coins. Mario NSMB2
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower As Fire Mario, Mario will have the ability to throw fireballs, but he can only throw two fireballs at a time. When Mario performs a spin jump, he will throw two fireballs at once. NSMB2 Fire Mario
Ice Flower2 Ice Flower As Ice Mario, Mario will have the ability to throw iceballs, but he can only throw two iceballs at a time. When Mario perfroms a spin jump, he will throw two iceballs at once. IceMario.
Super Leaf NSMB2 Super Leaf As Raccoon Mario, Mario will gain a P-Meter. The P-Meter will allow Mario to fly at full speed. Mario is also able to hover in the air, and swing his tail to defeat enemies. RACCOON MARIO
Super Star NSMB2 Super Star As Invincible Mario, Mario will start flashing rainbow colors. He can also run at high speeds, and is invulnerable to almost anything. 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o
MiniMushroomNSMB2 Mini Mushroom As Mini Mario, Mario is able to jump very high, and can run on water. He can also enter small pipes. Like Small Mario, after being hit by an enemy, he'll lose a life. NSMB2 Mini Mario


Image Item Description
Coin NSMB2 Coin Coins are very common items. Coins are scattered throughout levels and can be found in Blocks, the ground, or from enemies. When the player gets 100 they will receive a 1-Up.
SilverCoinSM64R Blue Coin Blue Coins are coins that appear when a player activates a P-Switch. Blue Coins are found in groups. In the game, Blue coins are worth two coins.
Red Coin SM3D Red Coin Red Coins are coins that appear when a player goes through a Red Ring, which will make eight red coins. When a player collects all of the red coins, the player will get rewared with a certain power-up.
Red Coin Ring SMWU Red Ring Red Rings are items that can be found in various levels throughout the game. When a player passes through this item, eight red coins will appear nearby. After a little bit, the coins will disappear.
Mystery-block ? Block ? Blocks are common items that are found throughout the game. These blocks contains any kind of power-up, 1-Up Mushrooms, Poison Mushrooms, or coins.
Winged Block NSMBDIY Winged ? Block Winged ? Blocks are Question Blocks with wings. When a player hits the block, they'll recieve a coin or a 1-Up Mushroom.
Brick Block Brick Block Brick Blocks are also common blocks that are found throughout the game. These blocks can be broken, but can't be broken by a character when they're small. These blocks can also contain various items.
Star Coin NSMB2 Star Coin Star Coins are coin-related items that are very common throughout the game. There are three star coins that are found in a level. They can be in various ways.


References to Previous Games

Super Mario Bros-Kinda like this

Super Mario Bros 3: Super Leaf Returns

New Super Mario Bros- Mini Mushroom Returns.

New Super Mario Bros U-The name is almost the same.


The name is almost "New Super Mario Bros U".

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