Super Mario Twist: Enemies

As reported by Lance.(See Super Mario Twist)

Gloomba 3D Mario

'Gloombas are Goombas that have been cursed by Dimentio. They are his personal slaves. Wow, that could have been me...'

Gloompa Troopa

'Gloompa Troopas are hypnotized Koopa Troopas under Dimentio's control. They don't seem to recognise you, Bowser Jr, no matter how hard you yell...'


Gloombas with wings. Need I say more?'

Undead Piranha Plant

Dry Piranha Plant
Dimentio has cursed the bones of these piranha plants and brought them back to life.... creepy...'

Undead Gloomba

Dry Goomba
These are no regular Gloombas, no-no-NO! These are Gloombas..........With SKULLS! Not impressed, huh? Well, the skulls are cursed! Wooooo!!!'


'This, FATHER of all boos is a force to be reckoned with! As if his size wasnt enough, he has croonies too! Maybe you should get croonies...oh yeah, thats me...'
NSMB2 Fat Boo

Bony Beetle

'Another undead enemy... his shell keeps him from being stomped on, so it's best you just avoid him altogether without fire power...'

Dark Boo

'A dark version of our shy and sneaky okay, Bowser Jr? You look like you've seen a ghost... oh yeah...forgot about that!'

Deep Cheep

'I guess it wasn't hard for Dimentio to manipulate their little fishy brains... No Bowser Jr, they won't let you ride them any more! DON'T DO THAT!!!'

Bomb Blooper

'Beware this ominous blooper... he make look pathetic, but he goes out with a bang!'

Bomb Boo

Wow, these guys are almost too cute to be enemies! Look at their cute little eyes... maybe you can use them to your advantage?'

Gloom Guy

Wow...Dimentios not just mean, he's evil! He sucked the life out of these guys! They used to be so curious and social...Now their just lifeless DRONES! SNAP OUT OF IT, GUYS!'

Undead Gloompa

'This brainwashed warrior wears a skull of a previous koopa as a helmet. Careful about it's shell, Bowser Jr, you may get hurt!'

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